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Turkey, Exams, and Christmas, OH MY! December 10, 2012

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…don’t ask about the title, I’m feeling particularly ridiculous right now.

So today, I decided to test my friends to see what they would do if I pretended to be somebody else. Being in an online school, you think that’d be easy, right? DEAD WRONG. You can act as stupid and dumb as you want and they’ll still figure out it’s you…

But anyways, they harassed me almost to tears (most of those tears were because I was laughing SO. HARD. and there freakishly sad attempts to make me feel bad) and then they locked me in an online room…to which a nearly fell out of my chair because I was laughing so hard.

I guess that’s what friends are for…but (okay brace yourself…I’m about to go all out O.O) they did say some stuff that really hurt my feelings (GOSH I never thought I’d say that…I sound like I’m 2 or something) and everything that I have recently been feeling…they put it into words. After I stopped laughing my head off, I went back to re-read what they wrote…and it made me feel so WORTHLESS. I mean, who wants friends that make you feel like that? One of them apologized, but the other one said that it was really stupid of me to even try that, and that he’ll never let me forget it.

Lovely way to start your week, right?


7 Responses to “Turkey, Exams, and Christmas, OH MY!”

  1. :( keep strong! and if your friend won’t apologize, he’s not a true friend! trust me, i’ve been there…

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