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So you remember that 30 day thing I said I was gonna do… January 3, 2013

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It has failed. Miserably.

Maybe I should make it a every-other-week (or month) kinda thing… But I am DETERMINED to get through this list. So here goes:

2) Write about the best friends you’ve had over the years.

All of them? Or just the very best one? Or the top three? WHY ISN’T IT MORE SPECIFIC???

I’ll go with the first one off the top of my head…

Okay, so Lydia (it was the first one…so don’t Liz :P) and I met (if you count meeting online actually meeting, that is) last year towards the beginning of 9th grade. Now that I think about it, I’m not even entirely sure how it all started to begin with, but it started, and now we’re like inseperable sisters. We rule the world and everything (world=…I don’t know, just world)! We could even seriously switch out each others brain and it wouldn’t make any difference cause we know everything about each other. Everything I can think to tell her about, I do. It’s actually pretty nice to have someone as a friend you can tell absolutely everything too. It’s like your own personal walking journal….that has a mouth…and a life…and feelings and stuff. So it’s not really like a walking journal now that I think about it….oh well.


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