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Okay…this is gonna be the LAST.ONE. January 4, 2013


I am seriously just going to keep posting until I find something to do. That’s one of the many problems with school breaks. You wish and wish and wish they would come faster, but if they’re longer than a few days, you run out of things to do…which helps no one.

So, question….is it weird to eat ice? ‘Cause I think it is…and my sisters sitting across from me doing it. Doesn’t that dull your teeth faster or something?

I think I’m going to go start a debate with someone….and win. Have I mentioned before that I’m an avid debator? I’ll debate your ears off if you give me a good topic.

Or maybe I’ll go rant about this one guy friend of mine…

He should be punched, by the way. Brutally. Or at least nearly so. And it’s not what he did to me either…..OKAY! HAPPY TOPIC!


Ummmm…..OH, about bunnies. They kinda freak me out. They’re my favorite animal (kinda sorta), but they freak me out….I don’t even know what their teeth look like. And I’m way too chicken to google it. For some reason, I’ve always imagined bunnies teeth to look something between wood-looking teeth (like George Washington! :D) and something from Bunicula. But if I ever found out, and they look like what I think they look like….I will seriously go out and find another animal to be my favorite. Seriously.

And I seriously need to quit saying seriously so much. Seriously.


3 Responses to “Okay…this is gonna be the LAST.ONE.”

  1. chewing ice causes hairline cracks in your teeth. i found this out via the book of teeth problems they have in the dentist waiting room. yuck. do not read that book.

    • they have books about teeth in the dentist’s waiting room? I thought they were all sports magazines and martha stewarts…..oh well
      And she said ‘I don’t CHEW it…I bite it then suck on it’.
      I said ‘Yeah yeah yeah, same thing.’

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