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(very late) New Year’s Resolution January 4, 2013

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So I wrote this on the last day of December, and my sister and I, for the first time EVER on New Years Eve, stayed up til 12… then went straight to sleep.

But anywho, here’s my list!

1) Be able to associate more songs to memory (…well it’s sounds like a good idea)

2) Always remember not to rush love (…)

3) Be able to show off my smarticle-ness (my mom says that she thinks I try to hide how smart I am. I didn’t roll my eyes when she said it though…I just wrinkled my nose)

4) Write a song that I can pour out my soul to every time a sing it (I like to write songs :3)

5) Learn to be able to do what I have to (this needs no comment :) )

6) Live for now, but don’t regret your actions tomorrow (because I have a tendency to do stuff I’ll regret doing (or not doing) later)

7) Learn to be able to set what I love free (…I really don’t get that quote that incredibly much. I mean, I do…….but, um, yeah)

8) Figure out how to better manage time (I couldn’t keep up a school planner notebook thing if somebody offered me 20 dollars. seriously.)

9) Become more in-tune with the Spirit……okay 9 through 112 are gospel related

13) Learn not to be so socially awkward (yupp…..brave, outgoing, I DARE YOU, daredevil me is veeeeeeeeery socially awkward around half the population of boys 12-23 and for about a week in front of everyone else. Then I’ll unleash the crazy)

14) Question everything…then go find the answers (why i wrote this one, I don’t know…everybody knows I can be kinda lazy when I’m asking questions. Either that, or I’ll go to the ends of the earth to find the answer too it)

15) Have the absolute best Sweet Sixteen party when the time comes (YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! I WILL DO THIS!!)

16) Post something on my blog every weekday (I’m doin’ pretty good too :P)

17) Read the 195 books I said I would read for Goodreads (I am absolutely positively DETERMINED to do this. Determined. Seriously.)



3 Responses to “(very late) New Year’s Resolution”

  1. augh, i’m so socially awkward.

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