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If you get frightened easily, do NOOOOOOOOOT read this January 11, 2013

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So have you ever overheard your parents movie (whether you were intentionally listening or not) and thought, dear GOSH that sounds so freakin creepy. This was one of those days…
I was in the bathroom, in the dark (don’t ask why…I might seem weird and demented after the explanation), all alone when suddenly, I heard their movie. My bathroom is pretty close to the living room where the TV is anyways, so I went along doing what I was doing- and no, I was not going to the bathroom- and then I heard the voices. Queue the scary music, the heightened voices, the climax point in the music….then I was all OKAY THEN NEW THOUGHTS and I turned on the bathroom fan.
I’m so clever :3
Oh, and no, I was not in the bathroom calling upon the dead being most people know as Bloody Mary. I can’t believe some people are even stupid enough to try that….it’s so retarded. I mean, ghosts CAN take over your body, people. It’s not some creepy thing made up by who knows who. Now I’m not one of those firm and superstitious people who believe in ghosts and the whole cracked mirror and the black cat thing (although I DO tease people about that….but that’s only ‘cause it’s fun/ny), but I do believe that there are ghosts and that, yes, they can possess you.
I’m actually not sure if that’s a part of my religion, but still.
Speaking of which, I have a story…
So I made this friend online (I go to online school, as I’ve mentioned earlier, so that’s where I meet half my friends…through school), and it was a guy. As a side note, I’m not saying guys are dumb…I’m just saying that some guys are absolute idiotic morons. Just sayin’.
So anywho, this guy and me were talking one day, and he said that he did the whole Bloody Mary thing. And I just sat there thinking Ohhh boy. One of these guys… So we just talked for a while and then he started spamming the place where we were chatting in with comma’s. I was all, Uhhh….what’re you doing?
Then he asked something about how old I was. Then I told him that he already knew, but 14 (I’m not 14 now, obviously. I was just 14 when it happened). Then he just asked other random questions, and I answered them. After a few more questions I asked Ava….what the heck? Then he answered I AM NOT AVA. Then he gave me clues to guess who it was. I knew who it was, but I just played dumb to see if he’d tell me. Finally, he said
Then I said Mary? Mary who?
He said,
Me: Mary Bloody?
Then he kept rambling on about how she had taken over his soul and how he was hiding in a corner, in the shadows, and only those who said the right words (he actually typed out the words) could break the spell. So I pretended that I had said them. Then he was all, Haha! It was a trick! Me: It was a good thing I didn’t say them then, huh?
At the time, I was finding all this very amusing. He was playing insanely poor…he told me the words I ‘should’ say and them made them a trap (which I avoided skillfully), he talked kinda weird, but I could still tell it was him behind the computer, plus, he would occasionally ‘break out’ of the spell and talk as though he was very confused and frightened as to what was going on. Personally, I think that if Bloody Mary really DID take over his soul, she’d have a MUCH stronger hold, since she would have had tons of practice from the other morons who’ve decided to call her.
After a while, I started to talk with another one of my friends while talking to him. I told her what was going on and copied and pasted much of the conversation. She, predictably, got scared out of her wits. Seriously, she got REALLY scared…and in doing so, she started to scare me (which helped no one but him).
At the end of our lovely conversation (the end consisting of my virtually yawning and saying Uh-huh, that’s nice…can we play a NEW game now? and him saying something like YOU FOOL. THIS IS NO GAME. I WILL TAKE OVER YOUR SOUL AS WELL!; although how the heck she/he would’ve done that without me calling or whatever, I honestly don’t know), he said something like HE WILL NEVER COME BACK…..Because Mary always gets the last *blank* (I don’t remember what she said…it wasn’t the last laugh – because that wouldn’t have freaked me out- but it was something creepy….honestly creepy).
Then he disappeared/ went offline, and I’ve never talked too nor seen him again.

Then summer came and I didn’t think about him again for about 4 mooonths! WOO-HOO! 

But sometimes, I still imagine our conversation…and what kind of life he would have lived if I had spoken those set of words- because he did give me a second set of words to say, I just pretended not to see them in case it was another trick; but just for the record, she seemed really outraged that she typed them…almost like Ava had reached into her memories and typed them out for me to say.
Maybe he might have even been thinking that I could have saved him.
P.S. Oh, and just for the record, he said that he saw stuff coming from my side too. Words that I most definitely did not and hopefully will not ever say or hear them being said to me.
P.P.S. Oh, by the way, he could have just moved to a different school and not have told me or something. It’d not like I had his phone number or email address or anything. Or any other method to contact him, for that matter.
P.P.P.S. Last thing. If I really did freak somebody out…..GOOD. Now you know what not to do when you’re having a sleepover with some friends :D
P.P.P.P.S. Okay….I think I’ve freaked myself out now. Sigh. G’bye night of sleep…
P.P.P.P.P.S. Okay, I’ll probably sleep, but you get the point.


9 Responses to “If you get frightened easily, do NOOOOOOOOOT read this”

  1. Zia Says:

    …yeah that is kinda creepy :O watch out, hopefully he doesn’t come back and haunt youuu

  2. Demonic possession is real. I don’t want to sound like an alarmist or spiritualist (I’m Roman Catholic and you’re not allowed to hate or sue me for that >:-D, not that you would, but I just love telling people that and hearing their shock. I actually had someone say to me, “WHAT?! You’re Roman Catholic?! But you’re so nice!” And I thought it was hilarious, actually), but it is real.
    Still, I think this fellow was more an idiot than anything else. (Also, if there was someone out possessing people, I doubt it would be the original, historical Bloody Mary. She only got a bad rap after she died. :-P Smear campaign by Elizabeth’s ministers, and probably not even sanctioned by Elizabeth herself.)

    • …and on THAT happy note…but I agree with the idiot part. He probably was. And yeah, I’ve heard enough stories about people getting possessed (and, you know, reading it in the bible) to figure out that it’s real haha

      • Yeah. People who do that sort of thing are idiots. My mom said that her family had to get their house exorcised when she was little because people had been practicing magic and devil worship there years before. Scary.

      • That IS scary/creepy O.o

      • I know, right?! 0_0
        Whenever I get the feeling that something isn’t right, I say the Saint Michael prayer… it helps. (There’s actually more to abstract feelings than you might think–you might be picking up on something that you’re not consciously aware of, and it manifests as a warning “bad feeling.”)

      • Yeah, that’s the kind of thing my mom always tells me xD But I believe it. It’s just that sometimes I’ll feel something, but absolutely NOTHING happens. I usually do my best to go with what I feel, though.

      • Yeah… The Saint Michael prayer also helps to clear away nasty thoughts. ;-)

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