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Life is starting to suck peanuts… January 15, 2013

Seriously…I go to do my 30 day challenge thingy, and number 5 just so happens to be: Write about a period of time in your life where things were not so good.
You suck, world.

Well….how ’bout now? Now is one of the most perfect times when things isn’t going well…
Let’s just say that I said something to someone, and that someone said something to someone else, but that someone got confused as to what I was trying to say, so that someone told what they understood of what I said to that someone else, and that someone else got REALLY mad and shocked, so that someone else told EVERYBODY the misunderstood story of what I told someone, so NOW, half the population that that someone and that someone else know thinks I’m a low down dirty good-for-nothing jerk.
And if you were able to follow all that, I sincerely applaud you, because I’m not sure I got all of it.


5 Responses to “Life is starting to suck peanuts…”

  1. Sounds like the game “Telephone”

  2. Opinionated Man Says:

    When peanuts start sucking I suck right back. Wait that did not sound right. I really do love boiled peanuts, your post reminded me of them oddly enough. Random.

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