Creative Writing Inc.

February 8, 2013

It’s been so long since I’ve posted, I could ALMOST cry….almost.

Soo…uh, I’m not even exactly sure what to say…so much has happened.

OH! How ’bout you listen to me complaining about a guy friend I had last year, who totally REJECTED me (maybe I just wasn’t obvious enough…? I can be like that) for this PHYSCO (i don’t even know how to spell that right) excuse of a girl who made it TOO obvious that she liked him, so the NEXT year of school, he went to public school. I bet he did it to get away from HER too…

Actually, new story. I could go on about that for AGES…

So I tried logging onto my school and, lo and behold, IT WON’T.WORK. And now I’m REALLY mad cause I got up early so that I could finish my work earlier, and now I’m wide awake and I can’t do anything about it…

Welcome to the real world, newcomers.


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