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I KNOW I’m the unusually late one…DON’T JUDGE ME April 2, 2013

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You know what? When you read something for a VEEEEEERY long time, you really get into it. The story-line, the plot, the characters, the love triangle…it just all coms together. So when you read something that’s NOT  a book, and an actual person that commits to posting everyday actually posts everyday and you kinda end up reading it late but it doesn’t really matter because it’s good anyways (now go back and read that in one breath)….wait, what was the point again?

Anywho, BEHOLD! HERE AM I IN ALL MY GLORIOUS GLORY, BACK TO GIVE YOU ALL A GLORIOUS GLORY POST! AND THAT MADE HALF-ZERO SENSE! Wait…there’s no such thing as half of zero, is there. Well, I guess 1/2 could count, but we’re talking whole numbers here, people.

SO, as I meant to say but it didn’t exactly come across, HAPPY INCREDIBLY LATE EASTER (not so much), ST. PATRICK’S DAY (VERY much), AND WHATEVER HOLIDAY I MIGHT BE FORGETTING (which would be VERY late, considering I don’t even remember what holiday that would be)!!!! :D :D :D

This week for my school is Spring Break. I would make that an  abbreviation but, 1) Half of you might not know what that would mean if I did and, 2) I’m preeeetty sure that that means something else too….so we’ll just leave it at that.

Okay, I think over 20o words for a blog is sufficient. I leave in peace, and knowing that I haven given readers something. Even if it was the most incredibly boring thing they (and by they, I mean you) have read all day.


One Response to “I KNOW I’m the unusually late one…DON’T JUDGE ME”

  1. James Bond Says:

    Wow… imma start reading these now xD

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