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organic cows+birthday magic= a lot of sarcasm April 6, 2013

Filed under: 2013 — pinkdoughnuts15 @ 12:38 pm

Logging onto here, it took me THREE TRIES to get this up. THREE. I was beginning to wonder whether this was worth my time or not…

Anyways, I think I might be getting lazy. Not to say I wasn’t already, just more so now. For example, DO YOU PEOPLE KNOW HOW BEHIND I AM RIGHT NOW???

Just don’t ask…I wouldn’t want to accidentally incur my wrath upon all who question.

So yesterday was my dear sister’s birthday. Two sisters. And then my cousin had her baby yesterday. She name him Jeremiah. And these are awfully short sentences. But the reason I bring these two things up is because a looooong time ago, my uncle and my aunt got married on the same day as my OTHER sister’s birthday. Which led to the questioning of ‘But Papi…it’ll be less special…won’t it? :(‘. Being in a very sarcastic mood, my dad answered and said something about how all the birthday magic goes out of your birthday if someone gets born or married on your birthday. She believed that for a few years, despite my corrections every time the subject was brought up. I honestly don’t know why she believed him, though. He also told my youngest sister once that organic milk came from cows that lived underground. Now THAT was funny.


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