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Why would he want to kiss someone at that age anyways… April 6, 2013

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As you can probably tell by now, I am EXTREMELY bored. Extremely. So I shall tell you something. A very random something. A very random something that uses longer sentences.

So a little while ago, I went back and read the beginning part of a journal I had written about a year or two ago. And I must say…MAN was I some depressing kid. I went ON and ON about stuff where, looking back on it, I look like O.e while I’m reading it. My sister thought I was reading some creepy book or something.

And WHAT , you might wonder, could I be talking/writing about that would creep my later-self out? It was actually about some guy (HEY, it always involves a guy… just saying) and some girl (same with girls) and some other girl and how I hated one of the girls and then I hated the guy, but I didn’t really hate him…but I hated a lot of the stuff he did…just random dramatic stuff that I didn’t realize was so dramatic until I was completely out of it.

You know, I wonder how public school is about this stuff. The two ones that I ever went too was not really bad at this kinda stuff. There WAS this one incident where this one guy (Aaron) supposedly kissed this girl (I think her name was Rachael or something) and that went on arguing whether or not he actually did it aaaall day long. Honestly though, I don’t know WHO was right. I mean, Rachael totally could’ve made that up, because I do think that they had at least a little something going. But that means that Aaron actually COULD have done that.

Oh, and this was all in second grade. I have a very extended memory, at times.


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