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HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY (and YES…I know no one does that anymore) July 23, 2013

Woah my flip, it’s been ages since anyone’s been on here. Including me. Does that say something about my commitment? I think it does…
But anyways, don’t worry, I’m alive. Pretty much. Almost completely in one piece and everything!
No I’m just kidding, I’m in one piece. But you see, I have no order to my life in the summertime. None. I lounge around doing nothing, listening to music, and reading books, but that’s about it.
So you can imagine my overall distress when my family decided to go to Florida for the fourth time in two months to go too ANOTHER person’s funeral. I swear, I’m starting to think 13 IS an unlucky number.
Good thing the fact that it’s also my favorite number evens things out.
So…not looking forward to school starting up again. But I AM looking forward to college once again (I had a two month breakdown where I went on and on about how college was a black hole of death and deception), so I guess I should be excited.
We’re also moving. Either to Kansas or to Washington…we’re not really sure yet (though under the circumstances, it’ll probably Kansas….yippee :P)
Oh, and I re-learned how crazy my friends are. And I got invited to a birthday party. And I really want to go swimming like you wouldn’t believe.
Oh my gosh, I just realized I have EXACTLY 6 months until my birthday :O


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