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Nope, I’m not the murderer… July 26, 2013

Have you ever had that feeling where you talk to somebody, then somebody asks them something, and then the response gives you the sneaking suspicion that they were probably  talking about you? I’m kinda hoping so…just to make sure that it’s not JUST me or anything. Cause that would be weird. And slightly disturbing for me.

So this week, my mom and dad went and drove to Kansas (yes, they drove…) to look at some houses for our move (I’m pretty sure I mentioned that in the last post). Pretty sure they picked out a house too. I’m kinda excited…mostly not though. I mean, we’ve only lived here for two years…but MY HEART WILL ALWAYS STAY IN GEORGIA :’D

Oh, by the way, I got an ask a loooong time ago. I just forgot to post the link. And since I’m much too lazy to do all the clicking that is required to post the link under my ‘About Me’ page-link thingy, I’ll just put it here.

Happy browsing!



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