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The Bacon Fights Back. August 17, 2013

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This person…I love this person right here :3
By the way, you all should keep this in mind when you eat bacon. FOOD IS NEVER AS IT APPEARS. It’s actually usually better…but still

Girl on the Contrary

I am quite fond of eating bacon. I apologize for any scandal that causes my vegetarian readers, and also, I would like to warn them to really really never eat bacon because I used to be a vegetarian too but then I tried bacon again and it was so delicious that now I eat all the meats. Bacon is a gateway meat. Beware.

Also, if it makes anyone feel better about the pigs who gave their lives for my eating pleasure, I made bacon on Monday night and it fought back. It fought back hard.  Like, I have battle wounds. Or rather, battle burns, because as I was frying up some bacon, the grease began to shoot out towards my arm like heat sensing missiles, and I now have burn dots and streaks across my right arm where the grease clearly found it’s target.

It was quite a nice victory…

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