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JAYHAWK DAY September 7, 2013

So today, me and my family went on a college tour for the University of Kansas.

I have never ever been more tired after walking around in my entire life, so if I accidentally say something incoherent, I’ll come back and fix it later.

But I must say, it was a lot of fun. We got to ride on the college bus, we walked around the Main Campus, and we COULD have gone and toured the dorms and living areas, but like I said, everybody was ultra tired and hungry and etc etc. We got to learn about some history and some traditions (man do they have a lot of traditions…but it makes it more unique, i think (hehe, that rhymed kinda :3))

To add to all this wonderfulness, I got THE BEST NEWS earlier this week! I can graduate early next year because of the abundance of credits I somehow got (I LOVE you GCA <3). All I’ll have to do is a year of lit, and two electives in a semester. Then I’ll be done half a year early. I’m definitely looking forward to this. AND I switched over from Physics to Physical Science (which, believe me, is amazing since I wasn’t at ALL looking forward to all the Algebra that was supposed to be in Physics…I LOVE YOU TOO COUNSELOR <3).


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