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birthdays are now officially overrated. until mine comes, of course September 20, 2013

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19) Write about your last birthday and how you plan to spend your upcoming birthday.

Before I answer this ….question, I guess we could say, I must warn you, I’m not one that has ever had amazing birthdays. Like ever. The only birthday party I ever remember having was when I was 9, and that didn’t turn out very well. I say this because I handed out invitations to all my friends, but none of them showed up because (as I learned later) everybody was busy that day. So we all went to Chuck E Cheese and had a great time and all, but all my sister’s friends showed up because THEY had nothing to do that day (for some reason, my mom insisted on splitting the invitations between me and my sister to hand out…which turned out to be a good thing because otherwise, we would’ve had a lonely party). It was okay, it just seemed like more of my sister’s party instead of mine. You know what I mean.

Okay, but my for my LAST birthday, we went to my dad’s parents house (although I strongly objected because ….I’ll explain later), and we didn’t really do anything. I got a check from my grandparents, a card from their friends that we met earlier that summer, and I got some assorted stuff from my mom. The reason we didn’t do anything special was because I wanted them to spend more money on my 16th birthday…so I swapped going to a concert for $100 for my sixteenth birthday.

Looking back, that was a really stupid idea because I really want the money NOW. Seriously…I could use that money. There’s only ONE thing I want for my birthday…I’d swap my entire birthday, all presents, and all Christmas presents to have this. No joke.

But I don’t really know what’s going to happen for my birthday. I know what I WANT, but it probably won’t happen. So I’ll probably end up being subject to some HHHHAAAAAPPPPPYYYYYY BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRTHDAYYYYYYYYY :D from some church people, and then get another journal or something (people really should be more creative in their present giving. Not that I can complain, because I know I suck at it, but still).

One day, I’ll write all my birthday woes and how tragically messed up all of them were. Even the ones that weren’t mine. Except for Emily’s. Her’s was just awesome. The only way that could’ve been ruined was if some serial killer came in and shot somebody, or if everybody had gotten food poisoning in their pizza, or if somebody had broken their foot. It was that amazing.


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