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I’m starting to think i blog too much September 20, 2013

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17) Bullet your day.

…Well this should be interesting.

Actually, not really, I barely did anything today. But that’s what everybody says until someone asks them what they did. So to start…

Actually, that wasn’t true either. Plenty of people, when I ask what they did today, are like, ‘Nothing. How bout you?’ or ‘Not much…just school.’ or ‘The usual.’ or some equally boring answer. I’m just wondering, but why can’t you just TELL me? I ask because I want to know…or because we’re just standing there awkwardly and glancing at each other wondering who should talk next. Then I’m just doing it for the sake of….you know…I don’t really know. I guess nobody wants to just walk away after you’ve been looking at each other for 2 minutes straight. Keeping in mind that that doesn’t sound like a long time until your actually in the moment. Then 2 minutes decides to equal half an eternity.

  • Woke up for seminary
  • Got dressed and brushed my teeth
  • Went to seminary (which seemed to drag on for FOREVER)
  • Came back home
  • Went back to sleep
  • Woke back up
  • Did Math and French
  • Went to an Anti-Bullying assembly
  • Had lunch
  • Cleaned and organized my room (we’re still moving in in there…)
  • [HUGE BLANK (i have no idea what I was doing)]
  • Went to sleep
  • Cleaned a little bit more
  • [OTHER HUGE BLANK (still no idea)]
  • Blogged
  • Went to run some errands with my dad (which included swapping out this foot thingy (i have no idea what it was or who it was for) and buying a filter and this furniture marker thing)
  • Came back home
  • Blogged some more and looked up a dress (which is now OUT OF ORDER D: )
  • Was disappointed for about 3 minutes
  • Got over it and went back to blogging
  • Helped my mom fold some clothes
  • Put the clothes away
  • Went back to blogging
  • Had dinner
  • Talked to everybody for like, an hour

So that’s what happening up until right now.

Oh, and we’re discussing the pro’s and con’s of my dad going to get ice cream. Which he is now planning to do.

I love ice cream :3


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