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The Cashiers At Target Have The Wrong Idea. September 20, 2013

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*Note to self: Never live close to a target. pick a walmart or something…no one cares there :D

Girl on the Contrary

Captain Thoughtful and I live within walking distance of a Target, which means we are there a lot. A lot a lot. It also means when we have just about any type of craving, we completely give in to it because it’s so easy to walk to Target and pick whatever it is up. This has resulted in many late night pastry, ice cream, kettle chips, soda, cheese, and popcorn runs. And also, it’s apparently resulted in the Target cashiers getting the wrong idea about me and the good Captain.

Last night at Target we were checking out with our frozen yogurt when the cashier recommended some chocolate covered potato chips because she thought we “would like it” that it “sounds weird” but “seems like something you would like”. We thanked her for the recommendation and then left.

Captain Thoughtful: The cashiers at Target think we’re stoners. 

Me: No they…

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