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14) Post your favorite book, favorite movie, favorite band, and favorite food. September 21, 2013

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I have been avoiding this question for a VERY long time. So while I’m in the writing mood and before I shy away from this (again), I shall go ahead and post.

Favorite Book: ….and the torture begins. Why do so many people ask this question? I mean, do you honestly know ANYone that has actually answered this question with a real book? The only person I know that could MAYBE narrow it down to two or three books is my mom. Maybe. So I’ll just pretend this says ‘Post your favorite book out of the books you own’. More specifically because I won’t have to choose from well over 7 billion books, and I can just choose from my 60 or so. So I think my three most favorite is The Reluctant God by Pamela F. Service, Keeper of the Lost Cities (Shannon Messenger) and The Amaranth Enchantment (Julie [i forget her middle initial] Berry). But I LOVE all the books to the City of Ember (that series was AMAZINGNESS) and the new Percy Jackson series (I was really going to cry at the end of the 3rd one. I can’t WAIT for the 4th to come out) and the Hunger Games (..there are no words to describe the awesomness of that series. if you haven’t read them all, READ THEM). And Nancy Drew (I LOVE her). See why I avoided this question for so long? I’ll bet you anything I’ll remember more awesome books right after I publish this…

Favorite Movie: GAH, I DON’T KNOW! I’ll go with Mission Impossible (the first one…I haven’t seen the rest yet) and Epic (it was AWESOME). And that Ice Age: Continental Drift one (it was HILARIOUS).

Favorite Band: Um, I don’t really have one. I like all kinds of music (I mean seriously ALL kinds. I’ll listen to pretty much anything).

Favorite Food: I don’t really have one of those, but at the moment, I could REALLY go for some ice cream. Or brownies (they’re my most favorite dessert. right up there with lemon bars). Or DONUTS (we go back a looooong ways) :D


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