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i think opinions should be more freely expressed, i’m just saying September 21, 2013

Filed under: 2013,still half dreading fall — pinkdoughnuts15 @ 11:26 am

So I know this might be strange that I just now figured it out (hey, I’m a late person), but my blog seems kind of frivolous. Only being there because I like to write, or I feel a sudden need to express something. Or just because I’m bored.

And then I turn around, and 20 million other people are using their blog to post all this deep stuff. Deep as in ‘Guys…I figured out the meaning to my life. Let me share my life’s story with you.’

Yes, yes, yes, I know this isn’t the case for everybody. I follow many a blog that has nothing of that sort at ALL. I’m just pointing this out.

Not that I’m going to change what I’m writing, because I think it rightfully expresses what I do and what I think. I think I might just point out that I’m not some random kid that blogs because they’re bored. Okay, that’s a lie. So scratch that. Let’s try that again.

I think I might just point out that I’m not just some random kid that has a blog (much better). Well, I am some random kid…and I have a blog…OK I think I’ll get to the point now.

The POINT is that I do think. And have deep-ish opinions about things. A lot of them. And I have friends who think a lot. And, contrary to popular belief, my life does not revolve around the internet and social media. Sure, my life would be different and much more lonely without it, but the only real reasons I need the computer for is to talk to my best friends who live out of state, and to do school.


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