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Oh….I see how it is October 3, 2013

22) Find a horoscope site and post yours.

Okay, so I went to the girls life horoscope site (WELL I DIDN’T WANT A SITE WHERE IT SAYS ‘This month, you should invest your money into such and such type of company because such and such month on such and such day is a bad day to invest in such and such and make sure you pay special attention to blah blah blah etc etc etc’), and it SAYS:

Capricorn: This is a good week to prove yourself on the sports field, showing your coaches and teammates that you’re a superstar. Run that extra mile, push a little harder in warm ups, score up all the goals! It may feel as if others are trying to work against you, but they might actually just be trying to help.

…I might not be the brightest crayon in the box, but I’ve learned not to exactly put my whole entire trust in horoscopes. Sure, they give good advice (like in this one, pushing extra hard to make sure that you’re doing your best is a great thing), and I’m all for it, but for ONE thing, I’m not enrolled in any sports. I suck at like, all of them (that’s not the REASON I’m not enrolled in anything, however). And two, they have to make this for 2097093673092709 other people that have their birthday’s around the same time as you do.

So while horoscopes are fun to look at and read and make fun of or whatever you like to do with them, they’re just not THAT awesome. Not awesome enough to be like OH MY GOSH IT SAYS TO WATCH THIS SHOW ALL DAY AND I WILL IF IT MEANS I’LL HAVE TO SKIP WORK OR DIE TRYING. That’s just creepy. Just saying.


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