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looking back, today’s been a pretty good day October 11, 2013

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I think the best part of today so far…was getting into real clothes. I mean, after wearing pajamas all day, and then getting into a really cute outfit, you just FEEL BETTER. You know what I mean?

…I was so kidding by the way….

But seriously now. the best part of today was when I sat on the kitchen counter, eating my strawberry sorbet, and listening to whatever classical song came on the radio. I think that people my age should be more exposed to that kind of music…it makes you feel good. Or better. Or maybe worse….Unless you feel good, that is. But then you might feel worse afterwords, which would cancel out the good and better feelings by smothering them with worseness.

Unless you feel good. Which cancels all that out, and makes the 2 minutes it took you to read this completely worthless.

Your welcome!

Note: Yes…I am aware that worseness isn’t a word. And neither is worsness. And neither is worse’ness. Now OFF TO BABYSIT SOME KIDS!

Another Note That Concerns You None Whatsoever But I’m Putting It On Here Anyways: EIGHT MORE DAAAAAAYYYYYSSSSS!!!!!! Oh…I should probably mention what I’m excited about. Or I could just leave you all in suspense (yes, I AM that cruel).

On second thought, I’m too excited to keep it to myself, SO I shall tell whoever might be listening. Or, I guess it would be reading, in this case.

Okay, so there’s this Halloween dance next saturday…and you would NOT believe how EXCITED I am. Especially since the last one sucked. I mean, I have NOTHING against 70s and 80s music. I actually have a lot of favorite songs from both of those decades. It’s just that they always somehow manage to play the worst 80s songs they can think of…but THIS time, it’s going to be a Stake thing (if you don’t already know what that is, I’ll explain someday. Probably). This thing should be HUGE, especially since just with our three wards, we could just have our own dance…


Oh, I’m going as Athena this year. Again. (I’ll explain the again later.)


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