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Filed under: 2013,30 day challenge,ooo well this is depressing :O — pinkdoughnuts15 @ 6:53 pm

23) Talk about your crushes.

Oh crap I hate it when they bring up stuff like this…but hey, I’m almost done…might as well finish it out now.

Well, I’ll tell it straight out..I don’t really have any crushes right now. Not any real ones. The one person I could still have one on, I don’t really talk to him anymore. The guys here…I really like this one guy, but I only like him as a friend. I actually wish I was better friends with him, but only because we don’t really talk all that much. He’s not even really my friend…so that’s another reason.

But yeah. Other than the first guy, I don’t really know anyone else.

I miss knowing people ._. And having friends I could tell anything too at any moment of the day…

But OH WELL! Moving on with life :P


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