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I think i’ve learned something from this November 2, 2013

29) Write about any particular habits/mannerisms that you have.

I’m just wondering, but shouldn’t this be a question that somebody else answers?

You know, I think I will ask everybody in here…MOMENT.

*2 minutes later*

Mom: Slouching, putting my fingers in my mouth, doing a blink-y thing when I don’t get something (apparently, I open my eyes slightly wider and I look like O.O *BLINK* O.O O.O O.O *BLINK**BLINK*), putting big bites of food in my mouth and swallowing, I like giving lots of high-fives and hugs(THIS IS TRUENESS)

Nana ( Grandma): I love my Nana so much and she knows it, good big sister

Younger Sister (the middle one): I make other people laugh even if it’s not that funny

Twin #1 (Youngest Sister #1): Cheerful, fun, creative, awesome dress drawer (this is a total lie, and I honestly have no idea where she got this from), I know how to dress well in desperate times (I cut off the conversation at this point)

Twin #2 (the youngest of the youngest children): Weird, I like to smiley face a lot (…..?)


I find it very amusing how no one mentioned how mean I am with jokes, and my incredible sense of sarcasm (as soon as I told everybody this, my mom said “Yeah, but your sarcasm isn’t REAL” and I’m like ……?). And that I make up words. Oh, and that my mom started rattling off bad things. LOVE YOU TOO MOM.


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