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my friend was just telling me the other day that she didn’t think that i reminisced much too…i need to show her THIS November 5, 2013

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I absolutely love how songs can bring back old memories. Especially one’s you forgot existed. And I know I already wrote a post about this, but it really just is AWESOME.

I was looking up old songs that I hadn’t heard in forever, and one of those was Diamonds by Rihanna. It’s actually kind of funny how much I used to love this song. But I was just sitting and listening too it, and I got this sudden flood of memories. I used to work in the living room, and I was on my email when I was supposed to be working. This guy my friend knew had this amazingly large crush on me. He would log  onto his email everyday, and we’d just talk about nothing and most things. Flash forward to when I first started dating my absolute best guy friend ever. We had so many amazing and magical times together. The sad part was that I never fully realized it until he had moved on to another girl. One of the biggest mistakes I made was to let him go. It was one of the bets ones though, because I got to see him happy, even if he was with someone else. That’s all I ever wanted, and all I want now. I’m just glad we’re still best friends. Rewind to when me and my best girl friend used to be like sisters. We were inseparable, and we would tell each other EVERYTHING. There’s nothing about me she doesn’t know. We had to stop talking because her mom got kind of weird…but she’s still that amazing older sister I never had.

I used to turn on the heater when I was in the living room, so it was always hot when I was talking to everybody. It was November/December, and when we were all online, we’d all complain about how cold it was, and how our fingers were half frozen, and how it was snowing in one part of the state, but not the other part. We’d brag about how early we had to get up, and how late we stayed up to do school or while we were watching some movie or another. We had all paired each other up, and we all actually got together. Me and my best friend played match maker for a few months, but we gave up because we were SO bad at it. We’d draw pictures for each other, get on webcam, sing on the microphone, be on our emails when we weren’t supposed too…those were some of those worst and best days of my life. I’m glad I know everybody I know, and I’m glad I went through everything I did because without even one of those things, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.


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