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why is it that no one thinks homeschoolers want homecoming too… November 12, 2013

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Hello again fellow children!

So, as an update for the whole NaNoWriMo thing I’m working on, it’s…going. I mean, it’s fine and all, it’s just that I feel like I need to put a little something more in it…I just don’t exactly know what. But OH WELL, I’ll probably figure it out…I usually do.

But anyways, I have so much stuff going on this week, it’s ridiculous. I had an ortho appointment on Monday (we’re doing adjustments on Thursday…woohoo), I don’t thimk we have anything today, Wednesday we’ll be roasting marshmallow’s in the cold (WOO-HOO), Thursday is the adjustments, and Friday is girls night. And Saturday is this random lady’s wedding. And Sunday is Stake Conference. That we’re not even going to the Stake building for. So this should be an interesting week.

Oh, and we ended up not going to the tailgate party thing because my mom had, and I quote “A bad feeling about it”.

So yup. But we had chinese for lunch, so all was half forgiven.


15 Responses to “why is it that no one thinks homeschoolers want homecoming too…”

  1. Some homeschool groups do homecoming. :-) But I understand where you’re coming from; I’ve never gotten to go. :-/

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