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I think, therefore I write (actually, i was just bored) November 16, 2013

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It was snowing, that morning. This wasn’t particularly unusual for a place like Michigan, but she was surprised it started snowing so early this year. She smiled to her self. The snow fell slowly, untainted by any of the dark landscape surrounding it. She was looking at her window, thinking about how feather-like the snow flakes when suddenly, someone honked their car horn. Slightly irritated from being jolted back to reality, she glared at the window to see who it was and what in the world they wanted.

It was Carl.

She sighed. It was always Carl nowadays. He seemed to be more interested in her lately than he usually was.

Carl, leaning out his window, saw her before she could duck behind the curtain. He waved a cheery sort of wave that invited her to come outside. She breathed another sigh as she realized that she should probably go out and see what he wanted. She faintly smiled, waved back, and turned around to put her snow boots and jacket on. Where was her boots anyways? Crawling around as quickly as she possibly could, she finally spotted something pink and purple sticking out from underneath her bed. There was one…how about the other? Oh, it was probably downstairs by the door. That’s where her missing shoes were most of the time anyways. She quickly looked at the clock, it was 2:34, grabbed her coat, and went down the stairs two steps at a time. No one was home because they all accompanied their mom downtown to buy cupcakes. She had requested a vanilla one, but they would probably forget and end up getting her a chocolate one. Not that she had anything against it, just that she’d prefer vanilla. It reminded her of snow.

By now, she was pulling on her boot over her sore ankle. She grimaced, not exactly from the pain, but from the memory of how she got it.

Carl honked again, more in question than in demand. She quickly buckled the top clasp, and pushed her way through the pile of forgotten shoes, and outside.


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