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No You Aren’t Paranoid, They Really Are Watching You November 17, 2013

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dang it…but that would mean someone’s watching me RIGHT NOW. And probably thinking of how much they’ll have to exaggerate how funny I type

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...

One day, many years ago, mankind was created. We could spend all day debating how this happened, whether some sort of slimy creature crawled out of the ocean and decided they would rather walk on two legs, build civilizations, and create marvels of human creation like the pyramids or the Big Mac, or whether some divine creator, in a momentary lapse of judgment, thought that humans would be a great idea. Either way, we were here.

From that time, we began to divide ourselves into two very different camps. Camp one is full of people who tend to forget how society should work. These people’s brains often seem to lack basic functioning. They will do things that most people in the world would deem “very bad ideas.” The second group is everyone else. For some reason, all they want to do is watch that first group, basking in every bad…

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