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The Next Part (very blunt, I know) November 18, 2013

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A sudden gust of wind hit her like a wall of dry ice. Or at least, that’s how it felt. She stood at the front steps, trying to catch a breath or two, when out of the corner of her eye she saw Carl get out of the car. He tried to close the door, but his hand ended up missing it completely. He glanced in her direction and grinned sheepishly. Despite herself, she smiled a full-on smile. She hated showing any sort of affection towards him, but he was just so darn funny sometimes. He started towards her, but his foot got caught in the snow and he ended up tripping. She wondered if he was always this clumsy, and she was just now noticing it.

She started forward to help him, but then stopped dead in her tracks. How did he even get the address? Her face colored a little as she realized it must have been Tristan’s idea. She was debating whether to use a chainsaw or a gun to go after him when Carl regained his footing, and continued to walk over.

“Hey you!” he said, smiling a little too cheerily.

“Hey…” She wasn’t exactly sure why he was here, why he would drive over in this awful cold, and why he had brought her out there to talk in awful cold whether when he wasn’t even supposed to be there.

He continued to smile, though it had waned a little due to her response, and stood there. She put her hands in her pockets, and wondered where her gloves were. They were probably stuffed in the back of her closet with her flip-flops, because she couldn’t remember taking them out…

“So, uh, how’re you?”

She couldn’t believe she was out in the cold, and answering this question. “Good. You?” She was determined to be as straightforward as possible. She figured if she was, he would leave sooner. Sure, he would feel disappointed and dejected, but at least he would be gone.

“Good, good. Uh, so I came over and I was wondering if you would maybe….uh….”

He paused for a second, looking a little bit unsure of himself. She would’ve felt sorry for him if he were anyone else. It wasn’t that she didn’t like him. He was a plenty likeable person. It’s just….she didn’t really know, actually.

“WELL, I was WONDERING if you would MAYBE POSSIBLY go with me….uh…on a drive…to, uh, Starbucks. Yeah, Starbucks.” We both knew that that wasn’t the point of his visit, nevertheless, he looked very pleased with himself for saying anything at all.

“Right NOW?” He frowned a little at how frankly her choice of words was, but he wasn’t one to be impolite.

“Well yeah. Tristan and Lydia said you weren’t doing anything, so I figured…”

Lydia was in this too? She glared at a patch of snow while she imagined what she was going to say to her. AND Tristan. They were probably together right now, congratulating themselves on the amazing job they did, and looking forward to hearing the thankful results. Or maybe they were just laughing because they knew how furious it would make her. She wasn’t one to get angry very easily, but this ticked her off to no end.

She started a little when she realized he was still talking.

“…so I decided to drive by and-“

Abruptly, she stomped on the patch of snow she had been glaring at. He looked up,  a little startled by the loud crunch of interruption.

“Hold on a sec, I’ll call my mom and ask.”

He deflated a little, probably from utter happiness, and stepped back a step or two. She marched into the house, not bothering to ask him to come inside, grabbed her phone off the counter, and punched in her mom’s cell number.

“Hello? Mom? Yeah, Carl’s over…”


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