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I picked a really bad place to end this but IT’S STILL GOOD November 20, 2013

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Going to school the next day wasn’t so hard. Maybe it was because she had gotten home earlier then she expected and got some extra sleep. As she got out of the car and thanked her mom for driving her (she would normally have driven, but she didn’t want her day to be ruined because she’d had to yell at some stupid driver), she smelled trouble. Literally. It smelled wrong. She tried to place the scent for a moment, and then she realized…it smelled like blood. She rushed towards the entrance of the school, and was greeted by the sight of a gathered crowd of students. Pushing through the throng, she stood on her tip-toes to try to see what was happening. She gasped when she recognized every face that was involved. Towards her left was Tristan, Liz, Taylor, and that one guy….what was his name? It took her a second, but then she remembered….it was Carl. Liz looked terrible. She had a bloody nose, and it was ruining her makeup that had probably taken her an hour to fix. Someone bumped into her, and from that angle, she could see that the other side of her face had a bruised on it. She smiled a little as she pictured how her face would look when she saw what had happened, but that quickly turned into a frown as Tristan started speaking.

“Noah, just leave us alone and quit being such a jerk.”

Noah, looking unscathed, as usual, laughed and replied “As soon as you all admit that I’m better than you, I’ll leave you alone. Everybody…except you. We have a score to settle.” Noah’s eyes narrowed, and his gaze settled on Carl. She wondered what Carl could’ve done. He was usually pretty laid back, from what she could tell. Then she saw it…Noah had a broken leg. And Carl’s arm looked slightly twisted. They had broken each other’s…OH! That’s what must have happened on Thursday at the game. Somebody must’ve started some kind of skirmish…and Carl must have defended whoever started it. She hated to think of what the boy must look like after fighting Noah. They must’ve put up a pretty good fight, though, if it had ended with the breaking of a leg.


2 Responses to “I picked a really bad place to end this but IT’S STILL GOOD”

  1. mizcrazystalkerchic22 Says:

    When did start writing stories? O_O

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