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A Post About Assigned Books in School November 26, 2013

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#1 sounds EXACTLY like every bad teacher I’ve ever had!
That’s too bad…I was starting to like him

The Little Engine that Couldn't

A long time ago, three people got together and tried to come up with a way to get more teens reading. Let’s name them #1, #2, and #3. The following is their conversation:

#1: Holy surprising statistic, Batman! It seems that the percentage of teenagers who read for fun is on a steady decline. What should we do to fix this?

#2: Well, I guess we could encourage them to read books they’re more likely to enjoy. Reading books they like will help them—-


#2: Okay, just cut me off. That’s fine.

#3: Oh it is? Good. Thank you.

#2: But—

#3: Anyway, I think we should make them read books they obviously won’t like.

#1: Go on…

#3: And then force them to say positive things about those books, even if they think it’s horrible.

#2: How would that help? It doesn’t teach them…

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