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It’s So Easy To Hate Yourself January 14, 2014

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Daniel is funny

It’s so easy to hate yourself.

Look at us. We’re these flimsy vessels of poop and pee that crumble under the slightest emotional or physical pressure. I know that humans are supposedly the peak of evolution at this point, but if that’s true, then evolution needs to be just getting started, because there is a lot of room for improvement. And if God exists, why didn’t he just make us all Terminators? Instead, if we eat too little, or get too sick, or get too old, or bleed too much, we just die. And that’s it. We cease to be.

We hate ourselves because we can’t understand why the people around us do certain things, and it makes us sad. Why aren’t we good enough to achieve? We shouldn’t view others as trophies, but shit, it hurts when that special person just doesn’t feel that same way. We hate ourselves…

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