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My Escape January 15, 2014

Filed under: 2014 AT LAST — pinkdoughnuts15 @ 1:36 pm

I love how much of an escape music is. And how much we depend on it. And that it’s even here for us to depend on in the first place.

There’s not one teenager I’ve met that doesn’t like music. Not. One. We all know the reason…it’s because at this age, we need something to relate too. When friends aren’t there, when walls are crumbling, when the world seems like it’s ending, and when you just need to cry, music is the thing that’s there for you. Something the only thing that’s there for you (or at least, it might seem like that). I love how no matter what mood you’re in, no matter what’s going on, there’s a song for that. In the very least, a composition. If there isn’t, there’s one coming out soon. Music, much like the language of smiling, is one of the best connectors we have with people from all sorts of places. Who knows, maybe that random kid from down the block likes Cyndi Lauper too. Maybe that girl you never talked too is having trouble with that second section of the Moonlight Sonta too. Maybe the person reading this likes pie better than cake (if you do, I love you….just saying).

May music last forever <3

my escape


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