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*FIRST time’s a charm January 18, 2014

Filed under: 2014,one of those good days,procrastinating,SATURDAY WOO HOO — pinkdoughnuts15 @ 11:22 am

You know, I’ve been thinking (dangerous, I know, but hear me out)…

Where on earth did “Third time’s a charm” come from? I mean, 3 isn’t a lucky number. It’s only the 3rd number. It’s not a particularly special number. The only thing I can think of that comes anywhere close to explaining why is the whole “First is the worst, Second is the best, Third is the one with the treasure chest (and Fourth is the one with a polka-dotted dress)”. How come you have to be third to get treasure? Does that mean my sister gets treasure since she was born 3rd? DOES THAT MEAN I’M THE WORST?? I think we should start a movement. Against the number 3. We could write posters with three on it then SLASH IT OUT WITH RED PAINT THAT LOOK LIKE BLOOD. Then we could put 300 flyers on everyone’s car.

Oh that's okay, we won't mind.

Oh that’s okay, we won’t mind.

And THEN we can refuse to eat anything/anywhere that has anything to do with 3.


But come to think of it, my youngest sister would be pretty happy with a polka-dotted dress.


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