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The Liebster Award February 11, 2014

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Give me WordPress, AND I’LL GIVE YOU…uh…honey….and stuff….Anyways, thank you VERY VERY much to Simply Miko, for again being awesome, and for giving me honey (I’ll be expecting its arrival by wednesday. Just saying.)

The rules for this award

1) The bloggers that have been nominated must link back to the person that nominated them.

2) Nominees must answer the eleven questions given to them by the person who nominated them.

3) Those nominated must choose eleven of their fave bloggers that have less than 200 followers to answer their own set of questions

4) When you are nominated you cannot nominate the person that nominated you

5) After nominating your faves you need to drop them a comment telling them that you have nominated them.


The Answers

1) School or No School? …Why would you pick school when you could have no school…that’s like wishing for a power outage when Twighlight’s coming on. Actually, scratch that, the power can totally go out then.

2) Hoodie or Jacket? I’m going to say jacket, but mostly because I only own one hoodie, and that one’s getting a lil small (I’ve had it for 3 years…and then my mom had it for who-knows-how-many-years before me.

3) Comedies or Horror Films? HOW ABOUT funny horror films (#bestofbothworlds)

4) Ferrell or Sandler? My friend asked my other friend this the other day, and my friend almost got strangled with his answer…soooo I’ll stay neutral.

5) Pool or Beach? POOL. Mostly because I’ve never BEEN TO A BEACH WHEN IT’S NOT 6AM (yes, mom, I’m looking at you). And also because I just like the pool. You can’t actually swim on the beach.

Plus when you’re at the pool, there’s less of a chance of you drowning/getting bitten by a shark/ being entangled with some random person (actually, that’s about the same both places)/ being dragged out to sea and never being seen by anyone ever again because you’ll be living on this rock where your only companions are hungry seagulls and every time they get desperate enough to try to peck at you you strangle them and eat their feathers and bones for food. So yup.

6) Where do you spend your time the most? On the computer or asleep. Computer because that’s where I work (ahhh homeschool….) and that usually takes awhile, and sleep because…you sleep a lot…during the night….and all…well, MOST people sleep during the night. Not so sure about this guy (question 11)

7) What is your favorite type of writing style (Novel, Short Story, Flash Fics, Poetry, etc.)? Short story. I don’t have the drive to write a novel (I’ve started three and finished zero). I also like writing songs (As in I write lyrics. That have a tune. I just don’t know how to write the tune down. Which is kinda inconvenient)

8) Favorite Genre to write in (Or Favorite Genre to read)? YOUNG ADULT and middle grade/school (#toysruskidforever).

9) Television shows or Movies? Movies. They require less commitment, AND you can just finish watching it. You don’t have to be all like: WHAT!?!? BEKA, WHY’D YOU DO THAT? WAIT, THE SHOWS ENDING?!?!? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO YOU CAN’T END NOW! THEY WEREN’T EVEN DONE TALKING!!!

10) Texting or Calling friends? Calling. I feel less like a hermit.

11) Online or offline gaming? Uhm, I’ll go with offline. Sure, I like to yell at people when I win/lose, but don’t like hearing them yell at me…so yeah.



  1. Round or square?
  2. Sneakers or flip-flops?
  3. Writing or reading?
  4. What’s the last book you read?
  5. What are your plans for this weekend?
  6. Least favorite subject? Why?
  7. Most annoying person ever?
  8. Best prank pulled?
  9. Google maps or mapquest?
  10. Worst promise you’ve ever made?
  11. NUMBER ONE FAVORITE PERSON EVER (extra points for it being me) !?


People I Have Decided To Grace With Recognition (you guys aren’t placed in any particular order…)

  1. Colorless Canvas
  2. one writer, many heads
  3. The Pen and the Sword
  4. bouts of lunacy
  5. brownautumn96
  6. Musings of a Typical Teenage Girl

…You all have been warned.


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