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220. There was an i in team March 14, 2014

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T here was an i in team , the way she pronounced it, as was there a q in estuary, a zee in apostrophe and two silent h’s in contemporary. In short: her grasp of the English language left something to be desired.

She had tried everything to remedy her impediment: speech therapists, jaw surgeons, even the occasional faith healer, but none of them had worked enough magic to rid her of the jumbling of letters that made her sentences so unintelligible.

Not that I cared. I loved the way she mangled her words. I loved working out what it was she was actually saying and then getting it totally wrong. I loved her broken, garbled speech and every misguided syllable she ever pronounced.

And when I asked her if she would marry me, I loved that I could not understand whether she said yes or no.

Hell, I wasn’t…

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