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Everyone Everywhere Is Celebrating International Happiness Day By Dancing to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ March 20, 2014

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And on THIS note, Happy International Day of Happiness, guys!!


There are plenty of reasons not to celebrate International Happiness Day, such as the ongoing crises in Syria and Afghanistan, or the fact that they made Home Alone sequels that didn’t feature Macaulay Culkin. But one person who did decide to commemorate the holiday is, naturally, Pharrell, since he sings a very popular song called “Happy.”

The Grammy winner partnered with the United Nations — which declared today, March 20, the second annual International Day of Happiness — to encourage people around the world to share videos of themselves dancing to “Happy.” Pharrell sorted through the submissions, all tagged with the hashtag #HAPPYDAY, and today, he’s sharing them on his website, 24 Hours of Happiness. At noon in each time zone, he’s been highlighting the best submissions from that area.

Watch above to see dances in Hong Kong, Sydney, Paris and more.

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