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10 Ways to Know if You are Bossy March 25, 2014

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1. …I don’t do that, that’d be ridiculous.
2. I don’t even have a husband
3. NOPE. I’m an excessively happy person. Even in the morning (at least, compared to everybody else in the morning).
4. NOPE.
5. Well, I like parties…but that’s just because I like being around people. Which is why downtown is my most favorite place.
6 ….No….
7. I think I might have at some point, but not really, no.
8…..No again…..
9. NO SNOW SHOULD STAY. Well, not right NOW…but in the winter time it should stay.
10. I don’t have a dog. And even if I had a dog, I wouldn’t have a dog…
WELL, at least I know I’m not bossy :D


One Response to “10 Ways to Know if You are Bossy”

  1. At least you went through the list lol.. :)

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