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Liebster (what is that anyways?) Award March 25, 2014

I LOVE these so much. They make me feel good. Really good. It’s almost like having nutella and pancakes and hot chocolate and whipped cream and strawberries in the same hour…

Dang it. Now I’m hungry. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY SOMEHOW YOUR FAULT MIKO. But I forgive you since you nominated me.

You’re welcome.

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
  • Answer 10 questions given to you by the nominee before you.
  • Create 10 questions of your own.
  • Nominate 10 of your favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers and notify them of their nomination.

The Questions:

Deserts before a meal or after a meal? Wait, are you asking if I eat it before or after meals? Or would I prefer it that way? Or do I know people that do it? OR ALL THREE COMBINED (that would be: Or do all I do three prefer know combined it people that that way it?, which kind of makes sense in a really weird kind of way…)?? I’ll just answer all of them…

A) No, I don’t eat dessert before meals. I eat it after. Unless my mom’s like YOU CAN’T HAVE THAT YOU ALREADY HAD SOME BEFORE DINNER. In that case yes, I do do that occasionally. B) I think if it were up to me, I’d do it sometimes, but not all the time. Probably just because I’m used to doing it the normal way. But WHEN I HAVE KIDS, we’re going to have dessert and then dinner once every month. I’m going to be the mosT magical/awesome/coolest/amazing mom EVER. C) Nope. D) I’m not sure how to answer that…I would combine all my answers together, but that would take awhile. MOVING ON.

Fridays or Saturdays?



If for one day, you could be anyone famous, who would you be and why? I would be my famous self 10 years from now, make an outline of how I got there, stick it in my pocket and somehow transport it back with me, and do whatever I did to get to where I was, but faster. THERE IS NO FLAW IN THIS PLAN AND THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NO-WAY-NO-HOW THIS CAN NOT WORK.

Murphy’s Law or Hedonism Paradox? Depends on the situation…but USUALLY, I’d go with Murphy’s Law, because that just seems to be the case for everywhere and everybody. HOWEVER, I’M USUALLY AN EXTREMELY(okay, maybe not extremely) OPTIMISTIC, so I like the second one better a lot of the time. So it’s 40 to 60 usually.

What’s your biggest fear? That everyone will die and I’ll be all alone and condemned to live in an apartment all by myself.

And then my next door neighbor will get a Gecko….(Worst childhood scary story E.V.E.R.)

If you were given 1 billion dollars, what would you do with it? Why? I WOULD BLOW ALL OF IT BECAUSE IF IT EVER HAPPENED, I’D PROBABLY BE DREAMING.

Actually, I’d probably go to EFY. Then drag all my friends with me. Then put a million of it in savings for college. Then buy a house. And then go on a cruise. And stay at a resort. And buy two cars. And three tablets. And 2 cell phones. And a laptop for every room in my house. And hire an interior designer. And a chef. And then donate all my clothes on go on a shopping spree. Then help a few friends get into college. And by THAT time, I should still have about 100 dollars left to put in my wallet for later purposes.

Wait…why? What do you mean WHY? EFY IS THE BESTEREDEST PLACE I’VE NEVER BEEN TOO! And I like having fun with my friends. And college is important. And houses are important too. And I’ve never been on a cruise. And I don’t think I’ve ever stayed at a REAL resort. And having cars is a good investment. And I probably don’t need that many tablets, but that’s okay. And I need one to put in the car! And laptops are important! And I need somebody to decorate the inside of my house…duh. And because SHOPPING IS FUN, and because my friends wants to go into that kind of thing as her college major/job, so I’d be completely and totally helping a fellow American civilian *heart of gold*.  And college is still important. AND LEFT OVER MONEY IS…GOOD….yeahhh I’ve run out of barely descriptive words.

One thing you’re pretty sure no one knows about you? I have never ever at any point ever had lice.

What? I HAVEN’T! I doubt anyone’s ever suspected it…but there you are.

Is talent born or made? I think it’s both, but more the second one. Someone can naturally enjoy something, like playing the piano, and might enjoy playing it, but that talent needs to be molded. This 5 year old isn’t going to come on the stage for grammy’s and be like WATCH THIS EVERYBODY and play The Four Seasons or something.

Is the glass half full or half empty? The glass will always and forever be half full. Unless somebody’s pouring me lemonade and didn’t fill it up all then way. Then YOU NEED TO GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT BECAUSE WHOEVER DOESN’T GIVE OUT FULL GLASSES OF LEMONADE IS OBVIOUSLY GOING NO WHERE AND GOING THERE FAST. Just saying.

Do you prefer blogging more about yourself, more about life and daily happenings, or just plain fiction writing? Well, considering I don’t know what ‘just plain’ fiction writing is (…really?), it’s not that one. And I’m not sure if I blog more about the first one or the second one…I’ll go with the second one.


My Questions:

Pooh or Tigger? (this is an obvious no brainer that no one could EVER POSSIBLY GET WRONG)

Pooh or Piglet? (okay…this one’s harder…BUT I BELIEVE IN YOU)

Pooh or Rabbit (…don’t. even.)

POOH OR KANGA?? (okay, I’m done)

If you had to pick being a youtube star or getting a million dollar check from some old rich grandpa you never knew existed, which would you pick, and why? (this is obviously my definition of serious)

What was your favorite childhood toy?

WHO IS YOUR MOST ANNOYING SIBLING (and the most annoying thing they’ve done recently)?

What is your absolute most favorite number? (NOT YOUR LUCKY NUMBER, your favorite number)

Who’s blogger page do you most enjoy looking at? (*ahem* *charming smile*)

If you traveled to the future, what would be the FIRST thing you’d want to see?



The Blog By A Kid

Caffeinated and Opinionated

Blaze’s Blog

Gosh…you never know how many followers everybody has until you have to do one of these. Then you find out that everybody you follow has 20 million other followers…sheesh. But MIKO, YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

And anyone else who wants too can do it too! HAVE AT IT GUYS!


SIDE NOTE: Oh, and to those who I promised a trophy, a ribbon, and cotton candy, HERE YOU GO :D

I am the best nominater person ever...

I am the best nominater person ever…


8 Responses to “Liebster (what is that anyways?) Award”

  1. […] I’ve been nominated for a Liebster award. Yay (I think). I would first like to thank Poohloversunite for nominating me. That’s pretty cool. I’ve never really won an award for my […]

  2. …Cotton Candy?
    I love quoting random movies on other people’s blogs. ;-P

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