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And This Is Why I Don’t Write Professionally April 8, 2014

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One day, I’m going to write a book that’s SO not cliche, it’ll be cliche-ish.

I’ll re-do Shakespeare’s Twelfth (HOW COME THAT’S SO HARD TO SPELL) Night. Viola will fall in love with the Duke person/Orisino, but after everybody figures out who she really is, the lady person/Olivia will be so heart-broken that she isn’t a boy, that she’ll command the creeper guy that somehow thinks he has a chance with Olivia/ Malvolio to burn her alive and to dump her ashes in the river. Which of course he’ll do because he can’t say NO. Then, Orisino will find out what Olivia did and Sebastian will be sentenced to death by sting rays that are for some reason kept below Orisino’s throne place, and he’ll die. Then Viola will be tied to a boat, and then archers will set her boat on fire with fire-arrows, and she’ll burn to death aroooound the same place that Olivia’s ashes were dumped, and THEN Orisino will find out that he just killed all the main characters/ everyone he loves, THEN HE’LL DO SOME REALLY SHORT DIALOGUE AND STAB HIMSELF! IT’LL BE BEAUTIFUL.


4 Responses to “And This Is Why I Don’t Write Professionally”

  1. But Sebastian is Olivia’s husband…

  2. And Orsino doesn’t really “love” anyone LOL. He’s in love with the idea of being in love

  3. Uh oh…no no no no. Don’t get me started on this! I will write another damn literary analysis!!

    • …Yeeees Sebastian is Olivia’s husband at the end, and I know the duke person is only in love with the idea of being in love…WHICH IS WHY IT’D BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RE-WRITE EVER :D

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