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If You Could Go Back In Time Or See The Future, Which Would You Choose? May 13, 2014

If I had to pick between going back in time or going into the future, I would pick going back in time.

While there are PLENTY of reasons I’ve chosen this option, a few of them are:

  1. To Remember Past Occurrences: So the next time my sister says “NO, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED…” I can say, “Uh, no, I recorded it…THIS is what happened…”

  2. Because I Can’t Remember Anything: Like where I put my earbuds…

  3. The Mysteries: If you think about it, there are WAY too many mysteries in America’s past, because either a)nobody thought to write it down, or b) nobody could write. Going back to figure out the reasons all these things happened would be AWESOME. Then I could start some secret-society-club where only me and a bunch of my friends would REALLY know what happened in ancient America…

  4. So I Can Kick Some Spanish Butt: For real. Of all the continents to slaughter people on, why couldn’t they have picked a nice island where monkeys were living? We would’ve found a way to save the monkeys. Eventually.

  5. To Fix A Few Mistakes: Wouldn’t we all like to do that…

  6. To Save Somebody Famous: Now how effing cool would it be for a picture of me saving Martin Luther King Jr. be in history books everywhere. Pretty effing cool.

  7. To Kill Somebody Famous: …What? Don’t worry, it’d only be Hitler or somebody like that (Random Fact: I did NOT know he had a love interest throughout his entire slaughter-ordeal. Just goes to show that we’re all human…though some of us more than others).

  8. Because If I Could Go Back In Time, It Would Mean I Had A Time Machine: Nuff said.




25 Responses to “If You Could Go Back In Time Or See The Future, Which Would You Choose?”

  1. What’s wrong with y’all? I say it all the time. I think saying y’all is quite attractive.

  2. A.R.Wolf Says:

    I only have one tiny thing that I don’t agree with in this post. The fact that you’d kill Hitler. Look, I get the guy killed lots of people, but if you take a step back and don’t look at that part of his reign, then you will notice that he was probably the most successful leader that there has been in a long time. Think about it. Germany was more broke that the USA is today, and that’s saying something, because America is 18 trillion in debt. (Just to put that number in perspective, a billion is a thousand millions, and a trillion is a thousand billions.) He took the Germany of back then, and he fixed it. Brought it out of the worst recession that the world has seen, and put it back in business. Now, like I said above, I get that he killed a whole bunch of people, but he was still one of the brightest and most brilliant people of our age. I wouldn’t kill him, per-say, but there are a few famous people who could stand to go. *cough* Beiber *cough*.

    • Actually, he got pretty dumb and was so not as intelligent as some people think him to be. In actuality, he was what all politicians kind of are today. Charismatic. He could ‘talk’ and he had the balls to force action to be made. But, when making the strategic and tactical moves, especially in the war, he was pretty bad. The ‘good’ decisions were really coming from all the supervisors and guidance he had. In fact, had it not been for them, Germany would have lost much earlier. And he is also mostly to blame for Germany’s failure in the Soviet Union. Everyone was against invading the country at that time. He pushed and pushed, forced his way, and caused the high count of german soldier death because he very (lol) stupidly made the decision to brave the COLD AS FUCK Soviet terrain instead of waiting for a more pleasant fighting situation. And as for the German economy boost, sorry to say that other countries were responsible for that. Especially the US. The US decided to help alleviate the war debt Germany hand (gave them LOTS of money) and even had to step in to fix the German currency which got so bad, a new currency (cigarrettes) was in place briefly because the worth of the currency at the time dropped.

      So all in all, Hitler was not really intelliegent. Charming? He convinced people to murder thousands of innocents. So yeah. Charasmatic, a brilliant speaker, and very demanding. He had power. But not so much brains.

      • And as for killing him, I wouldn’t either, because of the effects of World War II and what those brought to the rest of the world. Like the UN for instance. Kind of like a necessary evil. BTW MY IB HISTORY EXAM BEGINS TOMORROW (2 HOURS AND UP). AM I PREPARED TO WRITE TIMES ESSAYS IN RESPONSE TO TWO QUESTIONS THAT CAN BE ABOUT ALL ABOUT THE WORLD THROUGH THE 1900S! THURSDAY WILL BE HISTORY OF THE AMERICAS. EEEEEEP!!!


      • Um, no, you sound pretty prepared to me…xD
        And ugh, this is what I get for trying to put history and comedy together in one post D:
        But that’s also true, he did have a lot of advisers (like, a LOT. I lost count at the beginning of the movie…) and the U.S. did end up lending them a ton of money. But they lent them the money after they had gotten back into debt after the war…weren’t they fine before? Financially, I mean

      • …….ASK me that in 24 hours, because until then I can’t talk about the exam. (The whole international cheating thing kind lol). THEN I SHALL COMMUNICATE HOW IT WENT.

        Nah, you inspired communication and interaction in your post so that is good!!!

        Following WWI, Germany was in ruins. Then everyone was in ruins because of The Great Depression. After WWI, Germany was also not in a good situation and was divided among the winning countries. The other countries, however were fine. Minus Britain and France who lost their positions of superpowers (country wise I mean).

      • …International Cheating? O.o And you should get this by 4pm…so HOW’D IT GO :D
        Btw, you still sound preeetty prepared…
        Oh yeah…*forgot all about the Great Depression for a minute there >.>*

      • Yeah…the program is international. All of us IB kids are separated into time zones and within each we all take our exams at the SAME time. This way, in twenty four hours, everyone in IB across the whole world will have taken the exam and so it doesn’t matter if you talk about it after then. Before then, however, it’s cheating. And its not even the small light punishment if you’re caught. It ruins you, future-wise. People have even been rejected from colleges they’ve already been accepted to, if they’re caught…

        The International Baccalaureate is scary, lol. But anyways, I can now like talk about paper one and paper two (I think), so it went pretty WELL. I used historians, I knew my dates, my wars, I knew how countries were affected and that shit… I know I’m not scoring a 7, but a 5 or a 6? HELL YES. Paper three was today, so I can’t say anything on it yet.

      • Wow…that’s slightly cool, but sounds mostly terribly annoying.
        AWESOME :D I’ll be hoping for that 6 for you, then :3

      • A.R.Wolf Says:

        True, true. He really did know how to talk. And while we did help Germany after the first war, you gotta remember that we were one of the ones that put it in trouble in the first place. Essentially, everyone blamed Germany for WWI, even though it was an inner war conflict in austro-aisia, when a dictator was killed. Germany just stepped in because the had pacts to do so. Because they happened to be the first they got blamed after the fact. However, you are very right about Hitler. I wanted to see if Pinkdoughnuts was paying attention in history class…lol

      • Um, not so much us actually. We, in fact, weren’t so inclined in damaging Germany. That’s where Wilson’s Fourteen Points come in. It was mostly everyone else that hated Germany because they were the ones really affected by the World. Especially France. They wanted to eliminate Germany, and some historians argue that the Versailles Treaty wasn’t harsh enough because Germany was so easily able to ‘start’ WWII.
        And as for what started WWI, it depends on what view you’re taking (orthodox, revisionist, ant-revisiont). Either it was Germany that started WWI (the alliances purposefully set just for war), or nationalism, etc etc was what caused. Though, by the end of WWI, Germany had done a whole lot more unnecessary killing so that there was no way Germany was going to go unpunished LOL. -____- History….I never wanna take that class again, but I HAVE TO :D

      • A.R.Wolf Says:

        Lol, why on earth do you have to take it again? I’m in that class now, and I know I, for damn sure, ain’t gonna take it again. Did you like fail it or something?

      • Nah, history follows you throughout all of your school career. Luckily, if I score high enough, I’ll have college credits so that I can skip the basic classes :D

      • A.R.Wolf Says:

        Well that’ll be nice, if of course you get a high enough score.

      • Yup. I need a 4 to past. Best is 7.

      • A.R.Wolf Says:

        wow, good luck man!

      • A.R.Wolf Says:

        Thanks! Lol

    • …BWAHAHAHA I thought you were going to say somebody funny…and I was right :3
      You know, that’s true…sorry, Hitler was the first person that came to mind because my sister and I watched a documentary about it last night. But that is true. Very true actually…like I never even thought of it like that.
      Are you some undiscovered genius that I should know about? e.e

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