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Multilevel Humor June 7, 2014

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Welp, looks like I’ve got my next NaNo project right here.


Children laugh at different jokes than adults do.

It’s kind of obvious.  Children laugh at the bad guy sitting down on a pitchfork, at which adults wince.  Adults laugh at a Monty Python reference, at which children ask what’s so funny.  Children and adults laugh at different jokes.  If an adult watches a children’s movie, they’ll laugh just as much as the kids.  If a kid watches a grown-up movie, the reverse is seldom true.  But even in the children’s movie, the adults laugh at different jokes than the kids.  It’s almost like the writers are writing two levels of humor.

Breaking news: they are.  Writers of movies for young people have to cater to all ages because parents are more likely to let their children watch movies they like than movies they don’t.  A movie could be full of children’s humor, but without catering to adults, it won’t last.  Thus…

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