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*FIRST time’s a charm January 18, 2014

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You know, I’ve been thinking (dangerous, I know, but hear me out)…

Where on earth did “Third time’s a charm” come from? I mean, 3 isn’t a lucky number. It’s only the 3rd number. It’s not a particularly special number. The only thing I can think of that comes anywhere close to explaining why is the whole “First is the worst, Second is the best, Third is the one with the treasure chest (and Fourth is the one with a polka-dotted dress)”. How come you have to be third to get treasure? Does that mean my sister gets treasure since she was born 3rd? DOES THAT MEAN I’M THE WORST?? I think we should start a movement. Against the number 3. We could write posters with three on it then SLASH IT OUT WITH RED PAINT THAT LOOK LIKE BLOOD. Then we could put 300 flyers on everyone’s car.

Oh that's okay, we won't mind.

Oh that’s okay, we won’t mind.

And THEN we can refuse to eat anything/anywhere that has anything to do with 3.


But come to think of it, my youngest sister would be pretty happy with a polka-dotted dress.


Happy First Birthday (I feel like I should put ‘Baby’) December 7, 2013

So today, I just happened to log into wordpress. And it’s my blog first year anniversary.

My first thought was, WOOOOOAH, I’VE HAD A BLOG THIS LONG?! I’m so cool.

Okay, not that last part…but the first part.

And my second thought was, what are the chances…I was about to go offline and everything.

So I guess I am pretty cool after all. Cool AND psychic.

Happy Anniversary Poohlovers!


I love google November 23, 2013

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So today is Dr. Who’s 50th Birthday…


That is all.

dr who


At The Zoo November 16, 2013

*everybody leaves*

My Friend: …okay then, I killed everyone



Me: If you kill me, I’m going to kill you.

Him: Then we’d both be dead…

Me: Which would be incredibly inconvenient…SO, you don’t kill me, I don’t kill you?

Him: I couldn’t kill you…you’re too cute

Me: And I couldn’t kill you because then, Haart would have no one to marry.

Him: *backs away*

Me: What?

Him: Where the heck did that come from…



Me: It came from the zoo. Mhm.

Him: I want to go to the zoo…

Me: But you can’t.

Him: Why?

Me: BECAUSE if you do then you might accidentally walk by the tigers, who would call to the lions, who would roar at the seals…
and then the seals would start splashing around, and the penguins would take it as a declaration of war so then there would be this HUGE…

*he walks away for a second, then comes back*

Him: Okay, you lost me at huge.

Me: ….So then there would be this HUGE water fight. So then, this little wave of water would hit the bears, and the bears
would be napping so they would hate the water, so they would start rattling the bars of their cage and scare the giraffe’s, who are for some reason next to the wolves, who would howl and scare the animals in the petting zoo, who would scare the kids, who would start running…then the guards would think they’re under an attack, so then the snakes would break out from all these high-pitched screams and then they would all die from a sudden terrorist attack


And you might manage to escape to the parking lot, BUT THEN THE ELEPHANTS GET LOOSE and trample you…


Him: Like I said…I lost you at huge.

COMMENTARY: So, as it turns out, he probably posted that entire thing on Google +, and I’ll end up suing him.

But FROM ALL THIS, I came to the conclusion that I really need to write more, ’cause that was pretty awesome.



and the days go by September 21, 2013

Before I answer the question, or even post the question I’m answering, I’m just going to say that they should’ve been more specific. Seriously. How am I supposed to answer such a broad question? I mean, I can…but they still should’ve been more specific.

So the question in…question…is  number 21, How has your life changed over the past year?

….Okay, I obviously wasn’t reading this right. So never mind about the entire first part. I would scratch it all out…but I think I’ll just leave it as a public example of how my smart self is balanced out by…that.

But let’s see…last year this time, it would’ve been almost three months since my mom got re-married to my current-dad.

I can already tell you that a lot of things have changed since then. For one thing, I’m not immediately revolted at the sight of him (I was that kid in all the movies that didn’t like the new step-person, while everyone else did. Somebody should REALLY make a movie out of my life. It’d be interesting). I actually like him now. I don’t have a boyfriend anymore (not diving into details about that). We moved (worst. move. ever.). I found out that I could graduate half a year early (SEE YA SENIORS WOOP)…next year (…and the magic dies. just a little bit).

So a lot of events have happened in the past year. It DEFINITELY wasn’t a year of things I was expecting. I know, that’s life…but I like that it contradicts what I’ve been saying for awhile now.

You see, I’ve recently developed the theory that life is much too laid out. You need to do that, your inevitably going to have to do that, everyone expects that other thing, etc. Then, life throws some curve ball at you. A new person, a move, a death note…you know what I mean. Then you’re suddenly kind of confused. You had half of your life all planned out, but then, your not as sure of yourself. Then money starts to throw itself into the mix. You’ll need more money than you originally thought to fix this and that problem. And then this person is in trouble, and you should probably help them. THEN somebody decides to get sick (okay, not all of this has actually happened to me all out one time…I’m just throwing it out there). So you have all this swirling around, and you still have to worry about your social life and school. Sometimes, you don’t even realize all this is happening until you’re sitting all by yourself at some point, and you start to think about your life, and then, your just like ‘What the [insert whatever word you would normally use]’.

So like I was saying, I like how this year contradicted my theory. Why live a boring, normal, planner filled (ew) life when you can have curve balls thrown at you every couple hours?

Okay, I don’t really want either of those, but you get the point.


Balloon Boys August 17, 2013

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I myself have never been in a hot air balloon. I’m one of those people that tells people not to lean over the ledge when we’re on the second floor of the mall. However, MAN I’d like to ride in one one day. So on a balloon-related note, I looked up what happened today in history, (..what? I know I’m a nerd. YOU DON’T HAVE TO REMIND ME) and one of the things that happened was that these two guys flew a balloon across the Atlantic ocean. It really was quite interesting to read.
On another balloon-related note, my school is having a hot air balloon rally later this month. Is it balloon month and somebody just forgot to tell me?
Whatever the case, it’s about time I did another of those 30 day challenge questions. So lovely number 13: What are your plans for the future? Far and near.
Well, I do plan on going to college. Not exactly sure WHICH college, but at the moment, I’m shooting for the University of Georgia, the University of Kansas, Kansas State, and the University of Washington. And I also plan on being evil overlord…so I’m gonna have to fit that in there somewhere. Short-term wise, I’m going to attempt to make 6 new friends on Sunday, and try not to do anything embarrassing that I might die of later. And look really incredibly pretty. Because I like being pretty :3


Return of Captain Underpants

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Note: Before you read this post, I must warn you that the title has absolutely ZERO to do with the post. You may carry on.

Well today on this lovely day of the 17th of August, I am doing nothing. Well of course I’m blogging. And before I was blogging I was doing something. And before the something that I did before the blogging that I did before the nothing, I was doing something; but you get the point.
A few days ago (which was really yesterday, it just seems like it was forever ago), someone asked me to give some kind of thoughtful insight. Just anything (okay, they didn’t ASK me yesterday….I just answered yesterday, but we’re getting to that). So yesterday (see? told you) I was feeling particularly thoughtful. Yes, reader, I do think sometimes, I promise. And I wrote about this deep overwhelming sense of having love (I’ll post what I wrote at the bottom after I’m done). Now that I’ve had the chance to look back on it, I’ve discovered a few things. The first thought I had was, MAN am I smart sometimes. The second one was I wonder if everybody else knew I was this smart…’cause I didn’t. But the third thing (I promise it’ll get ore serious) was just wow. I know that some people might not particularly feel this way, and it might be different…you never know, maybe you just haven’t felt it yet. But I’d like to believe that this is some insight that’ll be useful to somebody. I mean, I needed a whole day of bad stuff to happen, and then a bunch of apologizing, and listening to the same song on repeat for at least 30 times for me to be able to push this out (even though I am better with communicating through papers and letter than verbally). Maybe that’s part of the reason while we have all this stuff to go through. So that we can have some learned lessons under our belts before we move on to the next and bigger step in life (for me it’d be college, for you…who knows? maybe it’s marriage or retirement or something).

I just realized how long I’ve saved this question…but I’m feeling thoughtful right now :3
But I think it’s weird how sometimes, you can be filled with this incredible overpowering love for someone, but not exactly LOVE them. Maybe that’s how it feels to be in love…when you have that feeling that you want to give that person your heart…just to see what they’ll do with it, and if they’ll love you back.

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