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My OTHER About Page November 16, 2013

So you’ve managed to find someway onto my blog. Congratulations. Because of this great honor you’ve deemed to bestow upon yourself, I feel a tiny sense of obligation towards whoever ends up actually clicking on this page. Which will probably end up being like, 1 of every 30 people. But ANYWHO

My name is Kirsten. I am a girl/lady/young woman/head boss lady person. I go on journey’s to steal taco’s back from pirate ninja’s and I carry pepper-spray in my purse (…not really, but that’d be cool). The car I don’t have is the ship from Peter Pan (LOVE YOU TOO PETE), and if you give me a doughnut, I’ll be your personal private butler (maybe).

The overall point of this blog is to improve my writing abilities, and I’m HOPING that maybe I’ll be able to get something published someday (love of books + love of writing, usually = a novel. Usually).

You can basically read away (I’ve been at this blog since December 2012), give me A-for-effort likes, and comment as much as you’d like. All that I ask is that you don’t criticize my blog name (EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE POOH), don’t steal any of my material and claim it to be your own, or anybody else who isn’t me, and please type coherent words in sentences that make sense. Please. I’ll spend hours thinking of what you commentator’s could possibly be saying, and I prefer to take that time to read instead.


9 Responses to “My OTHER About Page”

  1. Awesome. ^_^ Wish I had geek cred like this! ;-P Ehh… at least I have a lightsaber! ;-)

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