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CATCH UP TIME October 31, 2013

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Okay, so RE-CAP ON EVERYTHING THAT’S HAPPENED (from recently to not so recently….unless I just end up randomly listing events and killing all order that might have existed at some point):

  • That Halloween dance I was talking about was FREAKING AWESOME! Some guys re-did the Best Song Ever song by One Direction, and made it all chruch-y-y (they did it about the tree in Lehi’s dream), and it was HILARIOUS. In a good way. Mostly because none of them could sing. Or dance. And they definitely couldn’t sing. The only not-so-great thing about it was that not everybody actually ended up showing up because there was another dance the EXACT same day at the EXACT same time for another stake…so that wasn’t fun. To think, I practiced all my awesome dance moves to show Terrin and Kendrick and Kyson and Nick and JR for nothing…
  • Okay, on the last part, I was TOTALLY kidding. Completely. Like, to the point of me debating whether or not I should publish it….but I think I will ’cause hey, I’m a writer. If I’m going to make mistakes, might as well make them on here.
  • This really doesn’t require a bullet point…but I don’t feel like fixing it, so I won’t. But has ANYONE ELSE noticed that no matter how many times you listen to Mirrors (by Justin Timberlake), it NEVER EVER GETS OLD?!? I LOVE that song.
  • This Wednesday was the planning meeting for what we’re going to do all next year. So far, we’re planning on doing a human foosball game, water kickball or baseball, food sculpting, fort building, mud volleyball, beach party, downtown scavenger hunt….I love my ward SO much.
  • Next Saturday is the tailgate party, and I’m just gonna say it on here because I can’t really say it anywhere else….but EVERYBODY BETTER. SHOW. UP. Or I’ll seriously hunt them down and ask what on this EARTH WAS SO DARN IMPORTANT that they had to miss it. Seriously, I’m going to be so mad if it ends up being another one of those dance fiasco’s where they go to another stake’s activity. You have no idea how mad I’ll be. Seriously.
  • I think I’m going to start posting my Literature posts on here….YEAH! THAT’S A GREAT IDEA! AND YES, I’M TALKING TO MYSELF!
  • Speaking of talking to myself, I had a literal conversation with the whiteboard this morning….it was pretty sad. I’m going to spend half my life talking to myself and laughing at my own jokes. I feel so sorry for my husband.
  • The ice skating rink in Kansas City opens up tomorrow. I SERIOUSLY want to go sometime this winter. Like, really…I’ve never EVER been ice skating, and I would SO love to go. I will love whoever takes me for the rest of the days we both live. Which would be easily solved if I just murdered them with a knife with a handle shaped like a heart…but still. I think I’m going to ask my mom to take me for my birthday, and then I’ll just invite Hayley and Terrin and Laura and Kendrick and Kyson or something.  That would be the MOST AWESOME thing.
  • Speaking of my birthday, I’m turning 16 in December. It’s kinda weird because it’s SUCH a milestone in your life. Then it’s 18…then 20…I can’t believe I’m already this OLD. And I know, I know…I’m not THAT old. Especially to the people who’ll probably end up reading this point. Which might just be computer ghost’s, because this post is DANG long. But it’s just kinda freaky…I mean technically, I could get married in like 2 years. THAT’S creepy. Especially since it’s not exactly NOT a possibility. See what I mean?
  • On a LIGHTER birthday note, leading up to my birthday, my mom decided to do this sort of scavenger hunt that isn’t really a scavenger hunt at all. Really, we’re just using that for lack of a better thing to call it. But the way it works is that every few day/weeks, my mom randomly gives me an envelope with a number on it (the first one said #1, the second one said #2, and so on), and whips out her phone, and has me read it out loud. So far, she’s given me three. For the first one, we went to the library, and I got a library card, and it was AMAZING because I’ve been wanting one for literally 6 years. It was awesome. For the second one, we went to Kansas City to watch a Josh Groban concert, and WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW FREAKING AMAZINGLY AWESOME IT WAS. He was AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, the food was AWESOMNESS, and the opening-person was Judith Hill, and she sang BEAUTIFULLY. It was the best thing ever, oh my gosh. If I could go back to preserve one memory, it would be that one. I’ll change my mind later in life…but still. The third one, we went downtown again and watched a one-man show/version of Dracula, and it was ACCURATE and AWESOME. I mean, there were like 8 characters, and he preformed FLAWLESSLY. Well, despite the fact he was sweating. But OTHER than that.
  • My sister said a bad word (and by bad word, I mean a cuss word) on Sunday during church…and it was so bad, because someone OTHER THAN ME heard it….Oh, and did I mention that SHE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW it was a bad word? Oh my gosh…I had to leave the room for a minute ’cause I thought I was going to cry. Seriously. If someone had seen my face, they would’ve thought I had the flu or something. I looked AWFUL. Thankfully now she knows…but it gave me a freaking heart-attack. And Kaitlyn just thought it was the dang funniest thing…I wanted to strangle her so bad, because she just kept LAUGHING.

And THAT, dear computer ghosts, is about all. More (I know, I know…) later!

OH, and Happy Halloween to all…AND TOO ALL A GOOD NIGHT(sorry Santa…)!!


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