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I Got Bored (You’re Welcome) May 9, 2014

If you were trapped on an abandoned island and your only resources were 3000 popsicle sticks, 3 gallons of glue, 2 tires, and 30 rubber bands, what would you do? What would you build?

Well first of all, I’d wonder why on earth there were 3 gallons of glue on an abandoned island. Then I’d wonder who one earth was able to eat 3000 popsicle’s and still be alive (just kidding, I’ve probably eaten about that many). Then I’d wonder where all of those rubber bands came from…but I don’t think I’d wonder so much about the tires. I feel like tires should be included on the list of random things that would be on a random abandoned island.

First, I’d probably build some incredibly sad and flimsy shelter out of glue and tires. I won’t go in depth explaining how that would work, because it probably wouldn’t. Second, I’d try to see if there were any more popsicles (hey, if they were there that long, then there’s got to be some liquid popsicles somewhere). Then after that I’d probably build some kind of raft/boat/floaty-thingy. I feel like that wouldn’t do me much good, though. If I had absolutely no idea where I was and it was ridiculously sunny outside all the time, why would I want to aimlessly float around on something that could sink at any moment and risk the chance of dying of a heat stroke?

On second thought, maybe I’d just find a way to build a gigantic fire…


SNOW-MORE (..get it? snowmore? no more?) March 25, 2014

I know I’m hilarious.

So remember the last time I talked about snow?


It snowed…



I’m starting to think I’m going to have to take back that I-Love-Snow-With-All-My-Heart-And-Soul statement. I know I’ll change my mind during the middle of summer but hey, I’ve 3-4 months to go. I’LL BE FINE! :D

*3-4 months later*

I hate the sun.

*5 months after that*



How Did This Even Happen… February 26, 2014

So this semester, I decided to take a Journalism as an elective. This, I thought, would be BEYOND perfect. When I was younger, I used to want to be a reporter (along with a football player, a ballerina, a doctor, and teacher, a botanist, and girl version of Watson…) and I already love to write.

PERFECT, I told myself.

So the week before last, we submitted a story proposal. I picked to cover a girl from a local high school that was one of 16 people who received a computing award.

Last week, we submitted possible interview questions.

Then we went over good leads and kickers and proper news story layouts.

Not ONCE that ENTIRE TIME did it occur to me that I’d ACTUALLY have to interview a REAL LIFE person. Not once. Ever.

Now, I know I’m pretty smart (by pretty smart, I mean I know how to type and tie my shoes. And use the mailbox and I know how to climb up and down the stairs. Most of the time).


So NOW, I thought, I have to go hunt down this girl’s cell phone.

While looking for her cell phone number, I also found out that she was also chosen for the Senate Youth Program and scholarship.She also organized a fundraiser for a rape crisis center. She ALSO one of the 35 HS Women to win a Leading Technology Award. And to TOP IT ALL OFF, she’s ALSO the Kansas State Rep for the D.A.R.E. America Youth Advisory Board.

OF ALL THE STUFF SHE’S DONE, I chose to pick the topic of her winning a computing award…..

How does this only happen to me…

On another note that really pertains to this note but I’m making a new sentence for it anyways, it’s people like this that makes me feel lazy. I mean, Senate Youth Program? Scholarships? THE D.A.R.E YOUTH COMMITTEE?!

Oh, and my mom also made apple pie. It was very yummy.


Single Awareness Day *HIGH FIVE* February 16, 2014


So I didn’t find out that February 15th was Single Awareness Day *high five* was an actual real live holiday (well, not ALIVE live…more like REAL live) until February 13th.


Second of all, I didn’t know all Valentine’s Day candy went on sale for 70% off….so again, WHY DIDN’T ANYBODY TELL ME?!

THIRD of all, my sister and I have now decided that anytime anyone shall ever say Single Awareness Day *high five*, we’ll high five someone. As you can see.

Yesterday, before babysitting at 6pm and having a midnight date with an invisible guy I forgot to name before I fell asleep, my sisters and I went shopping. For candy. AND IT WAS AWESOME. Everything was in hearts and red and pink and white and was like, 29 cents….IT WAS MAGICAL I TELL YOU. MAGICAL.

Now let’s pray everybody.

Kidding…but for real. It was magic. I’ve eaten so much candy in the past day and a half…but most of it I gave away this morning to people in my class.

I hope they realize how much I love and appreciate them. I spent like, 5 dollars on them. On all 14 of them.

I’m so generous sometimes.

On another note, I just realized that the acronym for Single Awareness Day *high five* would be SAD….


At The Zoo November 16, 2013

*everybody leaves*

My Friend: …okay then, I killed everyone



Me: If you kill me, I’m going to kill you.

Him: Then we’d both be dead…

Me: Which would be incredibly inconvenient…SO, you don’t kill me, I don’t kill you?

Him: I couldn’t kill you…you’re too cute

Me: And I couldn’t kill you because then, Haart would have no one to marry.

Him: *backs away*

Me: What?

Him: Where the heck did that come from…



Me: It came from the zoo. Mhm.

Him: I want to go to the zoo…

Me: But you can’t.

Him: Why?

Me: BECAUSE if you do then you might accidentally walk by the tigers, who would call to the lions, who would roar at the seals…
and then the seals would start splashing around, and the penguins would take it as a declaration of war so then there would be this HUGE…

*he walks away for a second, then comes back*

Him: Okay, you lost me at huge.

Me: ….So then there would be this HUGE water fight. So then, this little wave of water would hit the bears, and the bears
would be napping so they would hate the water, so they would start rattling the bars of their cage and scare the giraffe’s, who are for some reason next to the wolves, who would howl and scare the animals in the petting zoo, who would scare the kids, who would start running…then the guards would think they’re under an attack, so then the snakes would break out from all these high-pitched screams and then they would all die from a sudden terrorist attack


And you might manage to escape to the parking lot, BUT THEN THE ELEPHANTS GET LOOSE and trample you…


Him: Like I said…I lost you at huge.

COMMENTARY: So, as it turns out, he probably posted that entire thing on Google +, and I’ll end up suing him.

But FROM ALL THIS, I came to the conclusion that I really need to write more, ’cause that was pretty awesome.



Windows and Sinks and Doors August 23, 2013

Filed under: 2013,and-you-wonder-why-i-have-no-life,bored and doing nothing again — pinkdoughnuts15 @ 9:47 am

So I’m just wondering…but has anyone else noticed how freaskishly short sinks are? I mean, REALLY short. Short as in you have to bend over every time you brush otherwise when you spit, you’ll have toothpaste/water/saliva all over the counter.

I wonder if they make sinks for taller people? There should be some specially designed house for people over 5’5 where everything is really tall. Like the peep-hole at the front door. That used to be so high up there, I had to jump. Now I have to, like, stoop.

And the windows. Has anyone else noticed how windows go WAYYY lower than they used too? I mean, I like windows. I like natural lighting. It’s better for everybody (especially the person that has to pay the electricity bill), but I’m just saying that if you’re going to make/put in tall windows, MAKE THEM FLOOR LENGTH. Unless you plan of having pets in your house. Then ignore that.


Depressing news, but today’s been a fairly good day August 19, 2013

So it turns out, I didn’t need to be the wonderful big sister I had originally planned on being. If anything, I’m the one that needed her (kind of ironic, don’t you think?).

So seminary started this morning…and everything was okay, but I was sitting between two girls that were so dang crazy, it made it weird. And I have to be ‘class president’ and call on people to do stuff for a week. Joy.

Hopefully better news tomorrow…


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