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26) Write about a childhood memory. FINE. April 6, 2013

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This was something that happened a veeeeeeerryyy long time ago, so DON’T JUDGE ME. I DON’T HAVE A TEN YEAR OLD’S MIND ANYMORE. *ahem* Now that we’re through with that…

So back when I was about 9 or 10, my sister and I were at church one Sunday. We were moving, so that was the last day that’d we’d be there.  That day (of all the WORST possible days) I realized how darn cute this one guy was.

Okay, PAUSE. 1) AFTER TWO YEARS, I FIGURED THIS OUT. DO YOU REALIZE HOW INCREDIBLY RIDICULOUS THAT IS????????? 2)………this is just such a sad story…lemme finish *UNPAUSE*

So, right before we left, I called his name, and then he looked over like ‘Mhm?’ THEN (Of ALL THE MOST RIDICULOUS THINGS TO DO), I did that little finger wave thing, and blinked my eyes really fast, and was all ‘Bye ;)’

*PAUSE* …..I really am ashamed I even thought to do this >_____> *UNPAUSE*

But it was just my luck…my dad was RIGHT behind me when I did it…and I was still blinking my eyes when I turned around…so I’m pretty sure he figured it out. So when we all got in the car, he was all ‘Lynn, you won’t believe it…I don’t believe it.’

*PAUSE* This looks bad…but just watch *UNPAUSE*

So then, I used what little part of brilliance I had in my young mind, and started blinking and rubbing my eyes a lot. So when my mom FINALLY noticed, she was all ‘What’s wrong?’ Then I said ‘I’ve got something in my eye….*rub rub blinkblink rub*’

And that was the last I ever heard of anything that related. THE END :D



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…now that I’ve hit number 10 on this, I’m gonna skip around some and knock out a few questions :P

15) Write about something you worry about a lot.

My friends….I worry about all of them A LOT. I think I worry about them more than I worry about anything else.

25) Write about your first kiss.

Never had one…BAM! :D

24) How was your week been?


27) Where is somewhere you would want to visit?

Greece….I don’t know about the rest of the world, but all the stories about how Athens used to be the center or learning and art and new ideas, and all the myths about their god’s and goddess’s….I just think it’s so amazing.


My day was brought down 15 points by this

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10) What’s the meanest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Now why would someone want to know a thing like that….smh

But I don’t really know…I think it might be where one of my friend’s say they don’t trust me. I mean sure, I’ve done some things that I’m not exactly proud of, but when someone says something like that, it’s like a smack in the face with a shovel (see what I did there?).


For some reason, this just made my day THAT much better

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9) What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Oooooh, this one’s hard.

I think that the absolute NICEST thing that anyone’s EVER said to me was either 1) Woah….you look HOT, 2) haha, i’m gonna love you no matter what, or 3) bye princess

I think the last one might beat the other two, though :P



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8 ) How do you feel today?

Well this one’s easy….I feel lovely today :D

It’s just one of those days where you’re doing something you would normally hate on any other day (school), but I don’t really mind it today. It’s just been an awesome week in general.


Why would he want to kiss someone at that age anyways…

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As you can probably tell by now, I am EXTREMELY bored. Extremely. So I shall tell you something. A very random something. A very random something that uses longer sentences.

So a little while ago, I went back and read the beginning part of a journal I had written about a year or two ago. And I must say…MAN was I some depressing kid. I went ON and ON about stuff where, looking back on it, I look like O.e while I’m reading it. My sister thought I was reading some creepy book or something.

And WHAT , you might wonder, could I be talking/writing about that would creep my later-self out? It was actually about some guy (HEY, it always involves a guy… just saying) and some girl (same with girls) and some other girl and how I hated one of the girls and then I hated the guy, but I didn’t really hate him…but I hated a lot of the stuff he did…just random dramatic stuff that I didn’t realize was so dramatic until I was completely out of it.

You know, I wonder how public school is about this stuff. The two ones that I ever went too was not really bad at this kinda stuff. There WAS this one incident where this one guy (Aaron) supposedly kissed this girl (I think her name was Rachael or something) and that went on arguing whether or not he actually did it aaaall day long. Honestly though, I don’t know WHO was right. I mean, Rachael totally could’ve made that up, because I do think that they had at least a little something going. But that means that Aaron actually COULD have done that.

Oh, and this was all in second grade. I have a very extended memory, at times.


I just feel like punching some people in the face. With a shovel.

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Don’t you just LOVE stupid adults?!? :D :D :D

Musings of a Typical Teenage Girl

I had my band concert today (yay!) and aside from procrastinating on my homework and freaking out about the fact that it’s 11.00 right now, not 10.00 because of Daylight Savings Time (Sigh. Why can’t we just have the “fall back” part and skip the “spring forward” part?! Oh wait, my mother just informed me that it’s next week. Phew), I encountered some very annoying situations.

Anyways… here is why I feel like punching someone right now:

1. My conductor told us our call time was 5.15, when it should’ve been 6.15. Yay.

2. I was hanging out with my friend during this two hour long par-tay before our concert, and we were admiring the spiffy band shoes that the people had at the high school where our concert was held. And then one of the moms that was chaperoning/helping out came over to us and told us to stop touching the shoes……

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