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A Kinda Sorta Rant On Kinda Sorta Chocolate. And Books. That Too. March 6, 2014

One day, my sister and I were looking at my blog stats, and she said “Kirsten, when you get 100 followers, I’ll buy you Nutella”. We had just been, in fact, talking about how NOBODY GOT ME NUTELLA FOR MY BIRTHDAY EVEN THOUGH I SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR IT FOUR MONTHS IN ADVANCE AND I REMINDED THEM EVERY OTHER WEEK LEADING UP TO MY BIRTHDAY BUT NOOOOOO NOBODY GOT ME ANY ANYWAYS.

So it was mostly just me complaining.

But anyways, I obviously said “OKAY!!”

But then I looked to go see how many followers I had…and I only have 50. This is a preeeetty good number, if I do say so myself. Especially since a lot of them are actually real-live-breathing people that actually blog. But getting 100 would take awhile.

“YOU KNOW, how about you get me Nutella after I get 1000 VIEWS!”

“How many do you have right now?”

“Uuuuhm….seven hundred and something.”

“Okay, sure!”

So as of now, I have 156 more to go!!


Me and my Nutella will appreciate you guys. Well, I already do…but I’ll appreciate you MORE.

On an almost completely unrelated note, I finished reading Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge today. It’s kinda Greek mythology meets beauty and the beast….oh my GOSH THAT BOOK PUT ALL FAIRYTALE RE-TELLINGS TO ETERNAL SHAME. *official my 3rd most favorite book ever*

AND I ALSO PLAYED HUMAN FOOSBALL YESTERDAY AND IT WAS JUST AS WONDERFULLY MAGICAL AS I REMEMBER IT BEING! I’m telling you, if I EVER go into a sport professionally, that’s what it’ll be in.

And I’m also ready for Spring Break like you have no idea. VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY ready. Really.


I Am REALLY Good At Giving Annoying Nicknames (It’s A Gift) February 27, 2014

So the other day, I was talking to one of my best guy friends, and he was talking about how much he wanted to get off the computer/ stop doing school so that he could go outside.

Him: I’m WAITING so I can get off and go play in a creek I found yesterday. It literally stretches for like, a mile or two. It’s gonna be so fun. I’m gonna jump over it so many times! :D

Me:…Well…that sounds like a very….guy thing to do….BUT I’M EXCITED FOR YOU! You have fun! Jumping over your mile long creek…

So then the next day, I was asking him how it went.

Me: So how’re you, creek jumper boy?

Him: Life is turning out pretty well over here!

Me: Awesome!

Him:…CREEK JUMPER?! I actually didn’t go jump all I wanted to, but I did do it a couple of times.

Me: Dude, I said that forever ago…But I’m just saying, that still makes you a creek jumper boy

Him: Don’t nickname me that. I’m the guard, remember(we have this inside joke where I’m a princess and he’s a bodyguard…long story)?

Me: Dude, it’s WAY too late. You should’ve stopped it when it started.

Him: No, seriously. that’s stupid. All the other nicknames are fine(I give people TONS of nicknames)…just not that one.

Me: But it’s say fun to say…AND it’s cute! And it’s fun to say…AND IT’S ALSO TRUE



Him: No I’M NOT. I’m a simple human being that may or may not like to go to the creek.

Me: Well considering this has become an actual topic of conversation, I would think that yes, you do like the creek. And also that you are a forest person that somehow has a computer and password for internet connection.

Him: Whatever!! I ain’t no forest thingie

Me: Whaaaaateverrrr…

I LOVE my friends.


The Agony Of A/Some Tiny Tooth/Teeth January 9, 2013

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…the one where I said I was going to post every week-day?
It died. And all because I had to get some stupid teeth pulled out. Do you have any idea how much it hurts/doesn’t? One minute your fine, the next minute your all “uuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggh….just kill me now worldddd….” and then you feel like puking your guts out.
Oh, and just for the record, I got 8 teeth pulled so that I can get braces. All 4 wisdom teeth and 2 on top and 2 on the bottom.


Mortal terror=chips January 7, 2013

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Today, as I’m sure no one everyone knows, is the one month anniversary of this blog.

So I went back and read what I wrote last month…..

GOSH I was boring. I don’t know how any of my friends put up with me sometimes…if I were on the other side looking at myself, I’d think I was kinda boring, but friend-worthy.

But still.

Oh, and just to clarify….I didn’t really cough in the chip bag. I did one of those fake cough/breathe-y sounds that SOUNDS like a cough….but itsn’t really one.

I still can’t believe they ate them after I fake-coughed in it. Seriously. They even looked at me with one of those OMG-EW-YOU-COUGHED-IN-THE-CHIPS looks (for those of you who don’t know what that looks like, it’s a look of disgust/terror/surprise/terror/anxiety (to get your chips out of the grubby hands of whoever coughed in it….even though mine were NOT grubby. At all.)/…..terror).


Continuation of the White House post thingy December 12, 2012

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So I asked some of my friends why the heck the White House needed so many social pages, and I got an answer from two of them….

WOW I’m never doing that again.

Just an fyi, you never know how deeply you care about polotics until somebody starts a debate about the presidential election…

On a more interesting/happier note, almost all of my friends and I will be able to vote at the next election! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?

I’ve gotten so old…. *tries to delicately sniff but ends up sounding like I’m wheezing*


The White House joins Pinterest, invites users to holiday social

The White House joins Pinterest, invites users to holiday social.

What the heck?!?

First of all, I must confess, I did NOT read the entire thing…I read until about the little picture with the tweet or facebook post or whatever, and then I just scrolled to the bottom.

Second of all, I didn’t know The White House had so many social network pages….sheesh


Okay, I’m done with my rambling :3


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