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My Escape January 15, 2014

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I love how much of an escape music is. And how much we depend on it. And that it’s even here for us to depend on in the first place.

There’s not one teenager I’ve met that doesn’t like music. Not. One. We all know the reason…it’s because at this age, we need something to relate too. When friends aren’t there, when walls are crumbling, when the world seems like it’s ending, and when you just need to cry, music is the thing that’s there for you. Something the only thing that’s there for you (or at least, it might seem like that). I love how no matter what mood you’re in, no matter what’s going on, there’s a song for that. In the very least, a composition. If there isn’t, there’s one coming out soon. Music, much like the language of smiling, is one of the best connectors we have with people from all sorts of places. Who knows, maybe that random kid from down the block likes Cyndi Lauper too. Maybe that girl you never talked too is having trouble with that second section of the Moonlight Sonta too. Maybe the person reading this likes pie better than cake (if you do, I love you….just saying).

May music last forever <3

my escape


Fog, among other things January 10, 2014

The weather outside looks AWFUL. Like fog mixed with rain mixed with snow mixed with bleh. Like the old man who was snoring got a cold. And he keeps sneezing random drizzles of rain. And since he couldn’t blow his nose, he let it leak out, and it turned into sticky, cold foggy.


Okay, so remember that thirty day challenge I started? It took a year and a month and 2 days, but I’M FINALLY ON THE LAST QUESTION!

Just a side note, I’m not sure why on earth I gave the post that title (not this one, the other one). Looking back, it’s ridiculous. I’m also not sure why I put the whole ditch and babies thing there either…that doesn’t even make any logical sense (not that it ever does…but that’s not the point). I should’ve put something to do with shooting. Or skinny dipping. Or something completely out of the water like that (out of the water…hehe…no? okay).

But here it is:

30) Where do you think you’ll be in 5 years?

…They just couldn’t have thought of a better question.

Okay, so in 5 years, it’ll be January 10th, 2019. So that year, I’ll have been in college for four years, and my sister will have been in college for two years, and my twin sisters will be graduating college the next year…so they’ll be juniors. I’m pretty sure. Arooound this time, my mom and dad will probably have moved to Washington (probably), and I’ll probably stay here and do college (NO PARENTS, WOOHOO!). About next week, I should be returning back to Kansas to go back to school…HEY, I’LL BE ALMOST DONE WITH MY BACHELOR’S! I better be married by then…but no kids. I have never understood why someone would get married, go on a 3 day honeymoon, then have kids 5 months later. I just don’t understand. Umm, I don’t exactly know what I’ll have almost majored in..BUT I’m looking into Event Planning, Voice, and kind of Journalism/Creative Writing right now. I’ll have this great job I want to work at already lined up, and it’ll be SO AMAZING, that I won’t even mind that I’ll have to wake up at 5am just so I can get a day’s work done. But I’ll be happy, so it won’t really matter.

Man, I have this more planned out then I thought I did.


Facebook January 8, 2014

So when you’re a teenager and all, you go through this phase. Let’s call it the You-Suddenly-Notice-The-Opposite-Gender phase. Now, this phase (depending on the person) could last anywhere from two months to seventy-eight years. For me, this phase never really began or ended. I mean, I noticed guys…but not notice notice…the way I explain it is really weird and ramble-ish, so I won’t go into any more detail than that.

But the POINT of this post is too bring to your attention a very serious matter concerning this phase. In fact, this is SO SERIOUSLY, that I ask that you stop multi-tasking and doing whatever else you’re doing just so you can understand the severity of this topic. I’ll give you a minute.

Okay, ready now? Good. So the topic I was talking about is ……


Yes yes yes, I know you already know all about this and you already do it everyday to some person or another, but BEFORE YOU TURN ALL YOUR ELECTRONICS ON (yes, the lightbulb counts…and no, I don’t care how dark it is), hear me out.

So there’s this guy (no duh).


….Just kidding.

Okay, so about this guy….he won’t stop looking over at me. Sure I’m flattered and all and whatever…but for real, I wish somebody could tell him to stop it. It’s kind of unnerving. I mean, he doesn’t even do it very subtly or anything…he just STARES. The only incredibly good part about it is that he’s not bad looking (come on, we all knew that was going to be first) and that he doesn’t do it all the time (I know I’m pretty…but not THAT pretty).

Besides, how am I supposed to stare at him if he keeps staring at me?

On a completely different note, I wish my family had another car…I mean for real. How ELSE am I supposed to pick up my 5 holds that came in yesterday(no, none of them are romance, (although there’s probably some in it, but that’s unavoidable)and no, none of them are paranormal fiction)? I’ve got at least 4 more coming in, and I don’t want my mom to freak out when she sees how many books I’m carrying to the check-out counter.

Oh, and the title had absolutely nothing to do with the post. Just in case you haven’t figured it out already.


Read this while humming that whoville song from the grinch movie January 7, 2014

So this is the part of my blog where I welcome the new year (LET’S HEAR IT FOR 2014 *blows little horn thingy*), tell you how relieved I am that I didn’t die (cause there were A LOT OF REALLY CLOSE CALLS. did I tell you guys I almost got run over by a car?), and tell you my new years resolution.


To blog at least ONCE every weekday.

Yes yes yes, I know most people already do this and make this resolution and blah blah blah…but I haven’t ever blogged consecutively for longer than a week and a half. For real.

SO, I’m going to try to get this done!

So story/news for today…um…let’s see…….uh……


mhm….and uh….I keep telling everybody I want a puppy (but then I say that I’m just kidding and that I do NOT want a puppy (don’t even get me started))…and I’m suddenly obsessing over high-fives and hugs (I usually give too many hugs…but now more than usual)….and …um…..


How bout you guys head on over and check my OTHER progressive blog (progressive as in it’s about prom (mostly the guy part) and that I forgot to post over there for like, 2 months) and give me some suggestions! You do that, and I promise I’ll talk more about dresses or something (you gotta admit, though, the stuff I write/deal with over there is preeettty amusing).

Thank you much my adoring followers! Until tomorrow!


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