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Camp NaNoWriMo (and how I’m kind of cheating, but not really) April 2, 2014

It’s that time of year again, guys. Time to bring out you pens/ pencils/ paper/ notebooks/ coffee/ tea/ water/ OJ/ lemonade/ typewriters/ laptops/ keyboards/ …I don’t know, gift cards? and START WRITING.


Seems like just a few months ago, I was trying, then deciding not too, then deciding too, then failing at the regular NaNoWriMo.

Oh sweet memories…


Oh yeah…I didn’t explain the title yet. Okay, so I was SUPPOSED to start writing whatever I’m supposed to be writing yesterday, but my laptop charger broke, so then I could no longer charge my computer…so I couldn’t use it for a 2 days…


But I survived. So I’m okay.

But anyways, I went on to check my account, and there were like, 30 camper messages from people saying hi. 45 hours after I said hi. Cabin-mates suck sometimes, you guys. I’m just saying. So THEN, I went on and put that I wrote 1,435 words today.

Now this is kind of a lie…but not really. I didn’t actually physically sit down and type up that many words and decided to dedicate it to NaNoWriMo. No, what I decided to do was edit a story that I had kinda sorta started a little bit, and see how far I got with it. So TECHNICALLY, since I had to do all the work and search for a grand total of 30 seconds for the document, that can count as my writing time. Besides, I’m going to go edit it some today anyways. And THAT counts as working.


And besides, it’s not like I don’t have that many words and I totally lied…

Okay, moving on.


Okay, now for not rambling actual GOOD news.


Only un problemo, mi amigo’s (and no, I’m not taking spanish…I’m taking french. Don’t ask)…there’s a sponsor fee. And I need half of it ($240) by before the end of the month. So I have to like, call people. REAL PEOPLE. LIKE, REAL REAL LIVE PEOPLE.


Haha, I’m just kidding…I’m actually really excited about it. Even the getting sponsors part. I mean, this is a pageant with a purpose. They don’t do the swimsuit modeling part, and you don’t even have to model at all if you don’t want too. You learn interviewing skills, you learn how to confidently walk and talk in front of a live audience with lots of people, you can practice your talent, and win awards for it, you do community service…it’s awesome. Getting the sponsors should be REALLY fun after I figure out what I’m supposed to say. If I can make it to state finals, I can talk to a general manager. I mean, they’re not going to like, bite me…right? They’ll just sit there and listen and look at the brochure and talk with me and tell me yes or no! I mean, I’m ALREADY a people person. It’s why I like downtown so much. And why I never ever EVER want to live on the farm. Or too far into the country. We could have a 2 million dollar mansion, but if it were too far away from civilization, I’d go rent a bungalow or something.

Okay, the mansion part miiight not be completely accurate…but you get the point.


Wow, I get excited REALLY easily… But I guess that’s a good thing. I mean, cause when I get a boyfriend (AHAHAHAHHAHA THAT’S FUNNY! I mean…*ahem*, keep reading), he’ll always be happy cause I’ll just be happy to see him all the time!

But flowers are still good. Oooooh or chocolate. You can never EVER have enough of that.

Like, ever.


How Did This Even Happen… February 26, 2014

So this semester, I decided to take a Journalism as an elective. This, I thought, would be BEYOND perfect. When I was younger, I used to want to be a reporter (along with a football player, a ballerina, a doctor, and teacher, a botanist, and girl version of Watson…) and I already love to write.

PERFECT, I told myself.

So the week before last, we submitted a story proposal. I picked to cover a girl from a local high school that was one of 16 people who received a computing award.

Last week, we submitted possible interview questions.

Then we went over good leads and kickers and proper news story layouts.

Not ONCE that ENTIRE TIME did it occur to me that I’d ACTUALLY have to interview a REAL LIFE person. Not once. Ever.

Now, I know I’m pretty smart (by pretty smart, I mean I know how to type and tie my shoes. And use the mailbox and I know how to climb up and down the stairs. Most of the time).


So NOW, I thought, I have to go hunt down this girl’s cell phone.

While looking for her cell phone number, I also found out that she was also chosen for the Senate Youth Program and scholarship.She also organized a fundraiser for a rape crisis center. She ALSO one of the 35 HS Women to win a Leading Technology Award. And to TOP IT ALL OFF, she’s ALSO the Kansas State Rep for the D.A.R.E. America Youth Advisory Board.

OF ALL THE STUFF SHE’S DONE, I chose to pick the topic of her winning a computing award…..

How does this only happen to me…

On another note that really pertains to this note but I’m making a new sentence for it anyways, it’s people like this that makes me feel lazy. I mean, Senate Youth Program? Scholarships? THE D.A.R.E YOUTH COMMITTEE?!

Oh, and my mom also made apple pie. It was very yummy.


*FIRST time’s a charm January 18, 2014

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You know, I’ve been thinking (dangerous, I know, but hear me out)…

Where on earth did “Third time’s a charm” come from? I mean, 3 isn’t a lucky number. It’s only the 3rd number. It’s not a particularly special number. The only thing I can think of that comes anywhere close to explaining why is the whole “First is the worst, Second is the best, Third is the one with the treasure chest (and Fourth is the one with a polka-dotted dress)”. How come you have to be third to get treasure? Does that mean my sister gets treasure since she was born 3rd? DOES THAT MEAN I’M THE WORST?? I think we should start a movement. Against the number 3. We could write posters with three on it then SLASH IT OUT WITH RED PAINT THAT LOOK LIKE BLOOD. Then we could put 300 flyers on everyone’s car.

Oh that's okay, we won't mind.

Oh that’s okay, we won’t mind.

And THEN we can refuse to eat anything/anywhere that has anything to do with 3.


But come to think of it, my youngest sister would be pretty happy with a polka-dotted dress.


maybe i should’ve put edgar or george instead… November 16, 2013

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So, question, when somebody asks you what kind of stuff do you write, but you write a little bit of everything, how do you respond?

Well I said that I write a mixture of YA and middle school lit. But NO, that’s wasn’t specific enough.


Anyways, for an assignment for American Lit this week, I was supposed to write an essay. Which is kind of obvious. But you were supposed to imagine you were living in the 1800’s, and you live in the East, but economic opportunities are failing. Fast. So you decide to move out West to try your luck. So then, you were supposed to write an essay on whether you’d be a miner, a cowboy, or a farmer, and the pros and cons. Now I don’t mind writing essay’s for history. If I had to pick to write an essay for history or literature, I’d pick history, just because I think it’s more fun to write about events then a dead authors thoughts on his own poem (I mean really. Does a rose NEED to be a symbol of something? Can’t it just be a rose?).

My teacher hasn’t graded it yet, but I am SO PROUD OF THIS (mostly because it was SO MUCH fun to write), so I’m going to post it on here.

Keeping in mind that I thought writing an essay would be too boring, so I wrote it in the form of a letter.

NOTE BEFORE YOU START READING THIS: Okay, I realize that parts and pieces of this would be unrealistic. And maybe that some of the words I used weren’t invented yet, I don’t really know. Just please don’t comment on how REALLY unrealistic according to this link and this link and this article and this tumblr post. Seriously. I appreciate feedback and all…but yeah.


Dearest Mother,

By the time this letter will have gotten to you, I will already be on a train and well into the Western country. Even in this age of transportation, mail is still too slow for this to reach you in time. Maybe that’s a good thing, because if the trains were any faster, you might’ve written letter upon letter trying to convince me to choose otherwise. I assure you, mother, that I have thought long and hard about this. I have considered the dangers, the opportunities, and I’ve even considered all possible alternatives.

But I have decided to go West, and try my luck as a cowboy.

Yes, I can picture your initial shock as you run outside to wave down my older brother, who’s probably working in the fields. You’ll run up to him, near tears, and you’ll hand him this letter. He’ll smile grimly, because he knows that I was exactly right in my description, but don’t worry mother. If it doesn’t work out the way I’ve planned, I’ll go and try something else.

By now, you’re probably sitting inside in a stony silence while my brother reads this to you in a chair opposite of yours. So maybe, I should be writing to my brother instead. It’s just as well to address you both. Maybe I should try and convince you that I’ve chosen in the right? I can hear mother’s strained laugh as you finish reading that sentence to her, brother, but I shall try my best to convince you not to send a mob with flaming torches after me anyways.

I’ve found a job working for a man named Mr. Smithens. From what I can tell by his letters, which you can only imagine is so much, he’s a good and honest man. I can only hope that my luck is so good, but I shall wish for the best. He’s written to me that my job will be to drive his cattle from Kansas, and towards Texas, where the cattle will be shipped to the East. By now, mother, you’re probably cursing the day of the Louisiana Purchase. Nevertheless, I shall go on to tell you that I’ll be earning some good money in this field. As always, I’ll send part of my income to support you. You’ll probably curse the money also, but I imagine that you’ll fine something to use it for. I should be driving cattle about a solid 13 miles a day, and all from horseback. Growing up on a farm has had it’s perks, even after becoming a scholar. I’ll also have plenty of months out of the year to come visit you, since I’ll only be working for a good half a year. Maybe I’ll still be able to teach in the East after all.

After telling my friend, Mr. Manthel, of my intentions, he did warn me of all the dangers of becoming a cowboy, so you mustn’t feel any need to scold me mother. There will be plenty of storms, and plenty of runs to catch up with the frightened cattle. My horse might trip, and I’d be crushed under a writhing mass of legs. I might lose the cattle completely, and find myself devoid of all pay. I might be overcome by Indians or robbers…ah, but no need to frighten you more then you already are. You’re probably already stark white anyways.

But, I feel obligated to give you a reason for my choice. After all, you knew what a determined scholar I was when I left you and my brother to go East. Well mother, economic opportunity here is failing fast. What with these new things going on, money has been scarce for months. After taking weeks off of studies and teaching to look for a new occupation, my money has nearly run out. I should only have a few dollars left after buying a train ticket. And, to tell you the full and honest truth, sitting in a classroom for hours at a time has made me restless. I’m ready for adventure. Being a farmer in the West is too unstable, and a miner, you must see, would be much more dangerous than being a cowboy, what with all the cave-ins and temperature changes….yes, you must realize this.

I hope that this letter has found you in good health, though it might have felt as if it has declined some after reading this, and that you will not be too angry with me when I write you again.

With All My Love,



http://viewpure.com/O5ho-_HnSJM August 31, 2013

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The first time I ever heard this song was in the New Years Eve movie that I watched for the first time last year. If it was just me and my sister, we woulda had some kind of crazy dance party to this (hair undone, head banging, jumping around for no particular reason, etc.).

Brings back good ‘ol memories :3


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