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Single Awareness Day *HIGH FIVE* February 16, 2014


So I didn’t find out that February 15th was Single Awareness Day *high five* was an actual real live holiday (well, not ALIVE live…more like REAL live) until February 13th.


Second of all, I didn’t know all Valentine’s Day candy went on sale for 70% off….so again, WHY DIDN’T ANYBODY TELL ME?!

THIRD of all, my sister and I have now decided that anytime anyone shall ever say Single Awareness Day *high five*, we’ll high five someone. As you can see.

Yesterday, before babysitting at 6pm and having a midnight date with an invisible guy I forgot to name before I fell asleep, my sisters and I went shopping. For candy. AND IT WAS AWESOME. Everything was in hearts and red and pink and white and was like, 29 cents….IT WAS MAGICAL I TELL YOU. MAGICAL.

Now let’s pray everybody.

Kidding…but for real. It was magic. I’ve eaten so much candy in the past day and a half…but most of it I gave away this morning to people in my class.

I hope they realize how much I love and appreciate them. I spent like, 5 dollars on them. On all 14 of them.

I’m so generous sometimes.

On another note, I just realized that the acronym for Single Awareness Day *high five* would be SAD….


GOOD MORNING August 25, 2013

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Well, it’s not morning here…but it’s morning somewhere. Like France or something.

So today was another lovely day at church. We laughed (extremely hard), we cried (okay, not really), and we…laughed again (we were talking about marriage. yup, it was THAT day).

Oh, and I got to watch somebody take out the trash.

All in a lovely days work.


Depressing news, but today’s been a fairly good day August 19, 2013

So it turns out, I didn’t need to be the wonderful big sister I had originally planned on being. If anything, I’m the one that needed her (kind of ironic, don’t you think?).

So seminary started this morning…and everything was okay, but I was sitting between two girls that were so dang crazy, it made it weird. And I have to be ‘class president’ and call on people to do stuff for a week. Joy.

Hopefully better news tomorrow…


I really am going to be a good sister…someday August 18, 2013

So today was the day my whole family went to out new church for the first time since moving to our lovely home in Kansas. Exciting/exhilarating/nerve-wracking, right? At first, I was more the first and second. When we walked in the doors, kind of the third, but not as much as I’ve previously experienced.

So my thoughts on this lovely ward we’re moved into: 1) The first class was amazing. Seriously. I freaking love the guy that taught it. I’m gonna marry somebody like him when I grow up, so if anybody wants to know the sort of guy I’m interested in, they just need to come and visit me on a Sunday and I’ll show them. 2) Young Women’s was kind of boring… I was surprised. After all the laughs of Sunday School, everybody was all serious. Maybe it was just the subject (it was one of those awkward ones where only other teachers answer the questions). 3) There were 7 Young Women, including my sister and I. Not the biggest ward we’re ever been in, but it’s the third biggest (the second biggest was the last ward (9 YW at it’s peak), and the fourth was one in Jacksonville with 6 people at it’s peak).

We have a seminary BYC tonight with the three other wards that we’ll be having seminary with everyday starting yesterday. It’ll be different for me, because the most people I’ve ever had seminary with was 6 people, but not as much for my younger sister, since it’ll be her first year going. I’m debating whether or not I want to be nice and let her sit next to me, or be annoyed like I’ve been feeling all weekend and tell her to go sit somewhere else, or sit on the end.

But now that I’m thinking about it, I’m not really sure WHY I’ve been feeling so annoyed/irritated by everything. I mean, we’ve been doing a lot of cool and fun stuff all weekend. Maybe it’s just cause I miss everybody back in Georgia…but whatever the case, I’m making it a point to be nice tomorrow (despite having to be awoken at 5am in the morning) and let her sit next to me. Unless she goes somewhere else with some other girl. Then I’ll be really mad because I put all this effort into thinking about it and deciding and she totally ignore my silent offer.

Wish me luck cyber people!


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